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  1. Yea I did some more research I found that in alot of reviews thanks
  2. Hello all I was wondering what the better choice would be between the kjw m700 easy take down and the kjw m700 non take down I like the idea of having the easy take down version but does it come with more problems? Someone told me it was a bad design because the gas leaks can I get some opinions? Thanks
  3. Picked up the gun yesterday thanks everyone for the input.
  4. I envy you sir they discontinued the SL9 and I want one SO BAD I want a good DMR and I love the G36 models
  5. Sorry what I ment was everyone where I play at
  6. personally I don't like that EVERYONE uses an AK or M16 I would love to have a MP7 cause of its versatility and not eveyone is using it hope this helps
  7. hello all I just would like a few opinions on the CYMA CM.032A ( http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/1258-CYMA-...-Run-Model.aspx ) it looks like a nice gun and the brand is pretty good from what I hear but I don't know the price seems weird to me can someone whos owned one help me out? thanks. P.S. I was thinking of using it like a DMR if that helps. -B
  8. thanks alot this really helps not a big fan of JG tho or TM so I think ill stick with the ICS especially if you say that they make the best Mp5's cause im a HUGE fan of the Mp5 I don't want to be disappointed
  9. which site? O.o I haven't really thought of doing upgrades as soon as I get it I was thinking ride it as is and if I think I need too some small things I don't want to dump a ton of money into it for I don't play often, and yea TM is the highest quality gun out there if I recall alot of people saying but they arent cheap for that reason and I work on a really low budget as I said earlier. thanks
  10. the wellfire seems kinda sketchy to me but I wouldnt know for sure ive heard good things about the utg aside from the bolt problem, but ive also heard they fixed it so my advice since no one really answers ppl on here (from personal experience on asking about guns) do some more research or your own and I mean ALOT written and video reviews search search then search some more good luck man -B
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