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    SRC M4A1 (~375 FPS) JG M4S System 2012 Enhanced (~400 FPS) WE Tech 1911 CO2 GBB Pistol (also ~400 FPS) Javelin M4A1 EBB AEG (~350 FPS) All chrono'ed with .20g BB's.
  1. Much appreciated! Stay frosty, guys!
  2. I even checked GI and Evike for him. They're out of stock at those two places as well.
  3. My squad mate, Grizzly, had the same problem. The mag is garbage. I repaired it 3 times (since I'm to only tech in the squad). First it was a soldering problem with the hot wire on the switch assembly, then the mag got over wound, that's when we learned to use the sound option during games, but that was fixed with a squirt of PURE silicone oil. Also check to see if the back of the hop up assembly is lined up with the feed port on the mag well. And the third and final time I fixed it, was the actual on/off switch itself. Under the black switch are two metal connectors, which with the push of the switch, complete the connection from the batteries to the winding motor. Those fell out, and I put them back in the way they came out, and it worked fine for half of the day we were at SS Airsoft in Georgia (US). It quit working and we just said screw it, and he (Grizzly) is running 6 high cap STANAGs now. Hate that mag. I'd say get the gun for the gun to anyone, but, if you want a box mag, I'd say go with the MAG Box mag mad for the M240 Bravo and M249 SAW. It's $130, but it's worth it.
  4. It's OEM'd by APS. It's... Ok... I had one just to see what the corporate monster was bringing to the table, and did a half *** review on it, on YouTube just for the heck of it. I'm with everyone else. Go with the JG or G&G. The Ignite is good for plinking and backyard airsoft, at most.
  5. It can potentially weaken your gears and piston over time as well. Causing a potential failure next time you shoot it. I learned my lesson from this.
  6. Any teams mainly around the central Alabama area that my squad can potentially meet up with and play? We're willing to go out of the central region of the state as well.
  7. It's going to be a little bit before I get it. Need new tires for my car! But when I do, I'll let you all know how it is. Well if I don't change my mind and decide to build me another G&P.
  8. Could be the cylinder compression. I had the same proplem in mine (though mine's new and I use it a LOT) My problem was the compression. all that had to be done was replace the air nozzle on the front of the gearbox. You'll still have to take apart the gearbox to get to it seeing as the nozzle is clipped on to the tappet plate.
  9. I've decided to get me one of these WE Techs. I've heard nothing but good things about them. And now since I have experience, I can always get a crane stock and rewire it to the back if I want rails. Or get rails and a PEQ box, which would be cheaper (depending on the RIS system). Which being wired to the back will help keep water out if it happens to start raining while we're in the middle of playing. lol
  10. I tried that as well, and it still made the clicking sound and wouldn't turn over. If it was a pinched wire, it wouldn't even get power, would it?
  11. I'll re-shim both and adjust the motor height accordingly. But, I need more shims. Do you know of anywhere I can get more shims, so I don't have to wait a week from ASGI or Evike?
  12. I may try that with one of my other guns. I'm really liking the black and white. Kinda looks like a white tiger.
  13. This guy know's what I'm talking about! Lol
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