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    ASF Immigrant
  • Birthday 11/24/1992

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    Calera, Alabama
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    Airsoft, paintball, drumming, guitar, hanging with friends and family, rock, metal (music), gaming, outdoors.

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    SRC M4A1 (~375 FPS) JG M4S System 2012 Enhanced (~400 FPS) WE Tech 1911 CO2 GBB Pistol (also ~400 FPS) Javelin M4A1 EBB AEG (~350 FPS) All chrono'ed with .20g BB's.

About Me

Yo! The names Coy, but you can call me either Revy or Coy. Doesnt matter. Lol

I'm a big airsoft/paintball junkie but more so airsoft because of the realistic feel of the game and weapons. My favorite brands would have to be, G&P, King Arms, G&G, and WE-Tech. I'm a bit of a gamer and love to play Battlefield 3 and Halo 3. Halo Reach is alright, but not as fun as Halo 3. I'm a drummer of 9 years and counting, and I've been also playing the guitar for about 5. I'm currently still living with my mom and step dad, and my dream is to open up and Airsoft/Paintball shop, or a music shop one day. I'm from Alabama, but I'm no country boy by any means lol. But living in the south, I do have a slight southern draw in my voice. I listen to a lot of rock and metal music, and watch very little TV nowadays. I'm a big fan of the M4 assault rifle, so if I post something about a gun, most likely, it'll be an M4 lol. Or a 1911. XD

I still kick myself for selling my King Arms MOE Magpul M4. That gun was a sexy beast. Lol


Anyways, the rest about me doesn't matter or is in a need to know basis, but if you wanna chat just message me.



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