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  1. Title says it all! Higher the mAh&C rating the better, but must fit in handguard. If a pair (male and female) of deans could be included, that would be awesome. Also looking for a Lonex red piston. May also be looking for a set of 13:1 gears (SHS, ZCI, Core, etc.) if the right price.
  2. Mine broke.. If anyone has one or a couple that they don't need, please let me know.
  3. You can actually find them on Ebay for like $15-18 shipped..
  4. As the title states, looking for a set or two of Modify 8mm Ceramic bearings.
  5. Things are coming along, but still not perfect. I just realized that the sector gear teeth do not mesh enough with the piston rack teeth. Should I be looking to get a completely new piston?
  6. I think a tagged photo is useful so that potential scammers don't just go around stealing untagged pictures and using them for false sales.
  7. Why don't you weigh it? lol I'll do it rightnow for you though. Weighed it 5 times: - 12.6oz - 12.4oz - 12.4oz - 12.5oz - 12.4oz If you need it in units of grams then 12.5oz = 354.369grams
  8. Heh.. So you have this one (http://www.shortyusa.com/airsoft.html?http://www.shortyusa.com/cart/viewitem.html?UID=1361622463-
  9. Yeah, I'm trying to look through it like you did in your video, but the the metal "wire-trench" of the GB blocks a little of the bottom of the pinion. In the process of shimming with your video again rightnow though and I'm stuck on pinion-bevel meshing. I think the bevel face is too high, so the teeth are pressing too hard on the pinion, but I can't really raise the face any higher because the axle of the face-end is really sticking out of the bushing and now runs potential of touching the lower receiver when connected.
  10. It's a Cybergun Colt Licensed 1911A1 OEM by KJW. I have one too, and I'm currently looking for mags for it as well. I'm pretty sure it'll accept GG, but idk for sure. http://www.airsoftatlanta.com/KJW-Colt-191...tol-p/15887.htm
  11. I struggle to see the motor height otherwise though, so I'm not really sure how to do it besides this. I have tried using a light when the GB is closed but I just can't see low enough into where the pinion gear meshes. The new pack of shims comes in today so I'll give it a round 15 go at it.
  12. So here's how I've been trying to get my bevel-pinion going. I tried to take as many angles so you guys could see it. Does this look "right" to you guys? Because it sure doesn't sound right when I do a bevel - pinion test with the motor in:(
  13. I got banned because my brother made an account using the same laptop on my secondary email in the same household internet-_- Not sure how to email the mod about it.
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