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  1. Hey guys, new to the whole HPA world, helping a friend out on his gun. was wondering if you can help me out. So I got a polarstar jack, I plug the airline in, and it automatically starts shooting air out of the nozzle without me pulling the trigger, so does that mean the solenoid is stuck open? Also, friend told me a shoots like crap no matter what PSI he runs. Anything else I need to know? Like fcu setting and such? Thanks -Robbie
  2. Hey guys, looking to purchase my next plate carrier. Looking at plate carriers with rip away front molle panels. Did some research found the Pantac XPC and the LBX Armatus II. Want to know f any of you guys out there run the lbx or pantac and was wondering what you guys think of them? What you might recommend?
  3. Hey guys, im looking to have different setups for different styles of play, one for indoor, one for outdoor, that means im looking for a barrel length, psi, nozzle, poppet, and things of that nature, to use, so I stay in the fps limit, while maintaining good air efficiency.
  4. My budget for a gearbox overhual would probably be $200
  5. Hey guys, just picked up a vfc 416 and was wondering what mags are the best feeding and compatible for the mag well. I've hear MAG brand or G&P ones feed the best in the gun. Also b-what internal upgrades would be the best to throw into the gun for an AEG build. I was thinking a krytac motor, Gate TITAN mosfet, 11.1v lipo, speed trigger, prometheus barrel, and Im not sure on the hop up yet. Can prowins work in a 416? if not, what is the best hop up for a 416. I would love to know what you guys out there run, so I can copy, or acquire inspiration of you!
  6. Hey guys, want a ptw but. I will not spend 1500 on an airsoft gun ever. I want to know the cons of this gun, can you put a prowin into it, does it come with a dsg? What else should I know? Should I even buy this gun? And is there any out there for sale or trade?
  7. Hey guys, just picked me up a gen 3 fusion engine. I have a couple questions. 1. What size battery can you use for an fcu? I've seen people use the small 350mah lipos, 9.6v 1600mah butterfly type batteries hooked up. I've also seen a 9v retangular battery hooked up. Which one should I use, all three? 2. Nozzle setups. Stats, statistics, performance. I want to know whats the best combo for indoor gameplay, and outdoor. I was thinking green for indoor with a low flow poppet valve at like 100psi, and for outdoor, stock poppet valve with blue or gold nozzle at like 120psi. 3. Any other info I should know about tuning?
  8. Does the back plate remove with screws or just dremel?
  9. Okay, so I recently purchased a TM P90. Im looking to order some parts and have a couple question on different version compatibility. Such as the following: Wiring and trigger contacts- Does the gearbox take version 2 trigger contacts? Gears- The gears in the gearbox, are they version 6? Or just standard version 2 gearing? Spring guides and gearbox shells- Do they sell quick change spring gearbox's for version 6's? Piston head, piston, cylinder- I know there is some brands that sell version 6 and standard version 2 of both. so I'd imagine you can run both? Piston tooth count- How many teeth should be on the piston? 10? I'm sure these are stupid questions, but I'm new to the whole version 6 gearbox world. I also researched some of this information and didn't come up with anything. Feel free to tell me what you guys run in your setups. Thanks, Robbie
  10. Hey guys, I have a replica eotech, glass is shot out. They are hard to find, so I want to repair the thing, was wondering if there was methods to do so? It looks like it takes a special reflective glass. But I thought just a piece of clear plastic would do the trick, any suggestions?
  11. Hey guys, im about an hour north of pittsburgh, there's this great local field, its called mercer airsoft center. If you want to learn more then go to there website, www.mercerairsoftcenter.com there's 2 story buildings, tire forts, and this summer we'll be building another village and maybe even a kill house. There will be bridges between the buildings. We're trying to put this place back on the map and reatore it to what is once was. Thats why we need to you help out. If your interested, spread the word, let people know. Come up and check it out for yourselves!! Maybe you'll even see me up there! Make airsoft great again! -robbie
  12. Hey guys, I'm looking to paint my Tippman Arms M4. I was reading up on different paints to use and styles, when I rolled across Plasti Dip. So I did Some research on it and found videos of people painting Cars, Rims, pretty much anything they wanted! Then I looked up methods of removing the paint and saw that it was like removing one big sticker. So, I thought to myself, I wonder if you could use this paint as a base paint, then over top of the Plasti Dip, paint of the camo the user has chosen, then if he or she wanted to sell the gun and remove the paint job, all they would have to do is remove the "sticker" paint job, and wha-la, original paint, and original looking gun. My question is, has then ever been done before, have you ever heard of someone doing this, if so, did it work well? Finally, I live in western Pennsylvania and was wondering good camo patterns for the conditions that are presented throughout the year, basically looking for something that will blend in all seasons but winter. I was thinking of a snakeskin weathered look, or just a weathered look. Many questions to be answered, and would like some help answering them. Thanks in Advance Robbie
  13. So im about to ourchase a krytac rail, and was wondering if it will fit onto a tippmann m4, I wasn't sure because ofbhow the krytac rail mounts to the barrel nut, I know tippmanns are new and uncharted territory, but I was wondering if anyone out there on this forum would know?
  14. I wonder if there is a way to modthe old batch to make the hop up like the new batch, cause the old batch's accuracy isn't the best. Granted I don't have an inner barrel nor the the gun flat hopped yet. I would also like to put in a high velocity kit in the thing as well. I would imagine that would raise the joules up a bit, or is there other ways to raise the joules your gun is shooting? I'm not sure how many joules my gun is shooting, I chronoed the gun a while back and it was at 380fps with .28's sooo..... yeah.
  15. Also, whats the difference between the old and new tippmann m4's?
  16. Nope, where can I find this TDC mode?
  17. I personally own a Tippmann, and this is a no BS answer. If you want to walk out into the rain or snow or whatever, you can cause there is no worry about electronics or an FCU, you can adjust the RPS, Velocity, and Hop Up. The only complaint I have with the gun is the hop up, as I'm sure with most people do as well, it isn't the most well designed hop up. Therefore, because of the recoil of the gun, it is very inconsistent when firing either on semi or full auto. But, there is a mod you can do to, not stop, but make the gun a bite more consistent, that mod is the spring hop up mod. This is the mod where you can take the spring out of a speed loader and put it into the hole at the top of the upper receiver where you can retrieve the Tippmann designed nub. I have done this mod to my Tippmann and it works okay. Also, definitely get a different inner barrel because the stock Tippmann barrels are absolute junk. For now I have a stock VFC barrel in my Tippmann, I will be getting either a Prometheus outer barrel or a Madbull Black Python barrel, both of which are great barrels, its just a matter of how much you're willing to spend. If anyone can help me make my Tippmann more consistent, please let me in on the secret.... Hope I was helpful, -Robbie
  18. I know for a fact that madbull have a great finish, I've never owned a prometheus barrel, im half tempted to just buy a prometheus and see how it goes
  19. Okay, so I'm looking to get a new barrel for my Tippmann and I want a great solid barrel. I was looking at a Madbull black Python barrel, but I also was looking at just getting myself to spend the money and get a Prometheus barrel, but again, its the price that is stopping me from getting it, asap. I personally already have a Black Python in a different gun, and I love it. So I don't know if a Prometheus is worth the money or if I should just stick with getting a Black Python, so that's why I came to you guys for some help.
  20. Alright, so I got a Tippmann M4, such a good gun, reliable, and just love it. But I want a better quality and longer rail. So I've been looking around and did some research and decided I want a 13" rail, I love Keymods but I'm not sure if that's what I want. I found this.. http://www.evike.com/products/53768/ As you can see I'm looking for a longer rail. I'm pretty much settled on a 13" because I won't have to buy a new outer barrel, which is saving me money in the long run and because I will probably throw a suppressor on the end of the thing later down the road, so I can extend the inner barrel. If you guys have a better rail to suggest, by all means please suggest it to me. And I would love you guys to post some pictures of the rails you have, just so I can get a reference of whats out there and what looks good. Thanks in advance, Robbie
  21. Alright I'll do that then if that doesn't work then im probably gunna end up getting a new mag cause I don't know what else it could be
  22. I added o-rings to try and fix the problem
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