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  1. I was getting 35rps with an Element Ultra Torque before I had the Lonex in there......... I wouldn't suggest the Element though because it definitely ran a lot hotter than the Lonex. The Lonex running at 37rps is ludicrous in gameplay.....LOL. I thought at first I was going to eat through ammo so quick I would be constantly changing mags but the opposite was true. I only need 1/3 of a second burst to out most players at 200ft+, That's a dozen heavy BB's in the air to cut through the undergrowth and find their target. :)
  2. I don't mind at all, Bug away! LOL
  3. I run two of my builds off of 14.8v......... I haven't needed to upgrade my wiring at all size wise & I'm using 1800mah 45c packs (added a Extrem-fire mosfet - Cheetah 2n). I get 37rps <AT> 550fps running a sp150 spring on a Lonex A2 and the stock VFC 16:1 gears. I just ate my first piston at around 10,000 rounds or so (Had a SRC red 6 metal tooth in there) I will be trying another type of piston as soon as I get the time to dig in it.
  4. Legal reasons? Technically there are still laws present in some states & territories against sodomy....so yeah.
  5. Gig'em!! I fly heli's which as you may very well know are very demanding on packs.........
  6. Airborne, You have to be careful in business..... Some things discussed here you may or may not even know about but I'm sure you can do the research for yourself if you're interested. The only reason I'm barking here is because I enjoy this forum as an outlet to discuss all things airsoft without being conned into purchasing a product under false circumstances. I was pretty gung ho about the idea of being able to talk to a battery manufacture, to express my concerns & ideas --- but that quickly dissipated when light was shed on many issues that don't sit right with me here. I could go on and on all day about what it takes to run a legal business here in the states but that would require TMI to be posted, This forum is really not the place to teach business. What's to say that anything about EAB is legally done? And you're ok giving up your money to support such an operation? Is EAB haz-mat certified? Is EAB OSHA compliant? Does EAB pay their share for workers compensation in case one of their employees gets hurt on the job? Taxes? --- etc. etc. All these things could and very well would drive up the price of a legitimate product assembled here in the US --- Which I don't mind as long as a product is being promoted truthfully & not deceptively. It's this deception that bothers me the most & should bother you to as a consumer willing to spend money on a product. I say assembled because that's all EAB can legally claim per our nations law on manufacturing practices & the claims associated with said manufacturing. And it is wrong on many levels to openly name a competitor & downplay their business to gain in yours. --- Why can you not see the harm in this? Do you see HobbyKing and alike promoting their products this way? --- I don't & it's a no brainier why their business is so successful and growing rapidly. Lithium reserves are largest over on China soil ----- It is what it is for the raw materials required to manufacture batteries of this type. I understand this but I will not tolerate a company or their spokesman pleaing for American jobs, to keep your or my money spent here in the US when this said company spends their money that you or I gave them back in China. It's OK for EAB to buy China goods.....But it's not OK for you or I to do the same according to Chris<AT>EAB.
  7. jgm, I'm not trying to put them under.....as previously stated. I just want them to play by the rules like all good business should.
  8. I glad you intend on not "fueling" my fire and all so I'll attempt to make this short & sweet for you by only answering the few questions in the above quote & I'll also maybe throw in a few statements for clarification purposes. ----1st, "So why sit here and put up so much of a fight against us like we are criminals?" Why not? I ask myself......... If I don't bring your wrong doings to light then who will step up & do it in my place? I have to because it's what I feel is the right thing to do. Not just to protect myself but to protect the countless many others here on this forum that might be scammed out of their hard earned money. "It all boils down to this with EAB. WE have been making batteries for 11 years" <----- This NEWEST example of your ignorance is one of the things I'm fighting here & honestly I'm being fairly lenient to you so can have time to research the issue & change your ways......If you don't stop doing this I will report you & your company to the FTC-Bureau of Consumer Protection. <---- Look it up and teach yourself the LAW!! The very act of stating or claiming that your products are "made" or that you "make" your products here in the USA is a criminal act punishable in a federal court of law, It's called FRUAD............ To sum it up, to claim that you make or have made your products in the USA - the materials used must be all or virtually all US content & labor. ------The only legal claim that you can make is that you assemble your product in the USA with foreign goods.-----That's only on the 75% that you do assemble, the other 25% assembly that is outsourced would have to be disclosed as both being made & assembled on foreign soil.....(China) Also directly naming and downplaying another competitors business (HobbyKing) & excepting money from your costumers as a result of swayed beliefs or thoughts because of such claims made by yourself & the company you represent EAB(Elite Airsoft Batteries) is also called FRAUD. ----2nd. "What do YOU have to gain?" I have an interest in protecting my rights as a consumer & since I'm the only one so far to speak to you about these issues you could also say that I'm trying to protect other consumers interest here too. Chris, you represent a business & businesses have to play by certain rules or they can be shut down........... I'm not trying to shut your business down but I am trying to change the way you market your business which honestly would be in your best interest to listen. I think that's all any of us here wanted you to do...LISTEN. You wanted feedback from customers & other consumers right? Nobody ever promised you that said feedback was going to be 100% positive & honestly that wouldn't help you very much either if people just sugar coated everything instead of speaking the truth & what was on their minds......... **NOTE-----To the staff & moderators here on ASF, please do not clean this post or any other post here on this topic thread, The post may be needed for review by the Bureau of Consumer Protection & modifying them in any form or fashion could be considered as a felonious act itself. It's unfortunate that EAB has sponsored this website financially as that officially ties this forum to EAB as a company & their practices in advertisement & marketing, whether they were good intentions or bad. I have saved screen shots for my records & would advise you to do the same in case legal action is sought.
  9. This is not true if any of the current AWB proposals pass congress, Any "grandfathered" AWB defined firearm will be re-classified as a NFA firearm is is subject to many, many more regulations but the nail biter is that NFA firearms are non-transferable in death. This means that technically after 2-3 generations basically all NFA firearms will be confiscated.
  10. ^^^^^ What Lefse said...... :) ^^^^^
  11. Yeppers, I'm almost certain that a compression jam caused your setup to pre-engage. :)
  12. Hung in the middle? Sounds like you had a random bb jam in the barrel that probably shot out on the second cycle of the piston afterwards. (Compression Jam)
  13. Watch out for the safety police you're in deep water with this topic.....LOL. This is the way I played "airsoft" some 20+ years ago............. Nobody ever got hurt doing so either but that doesn't mean I suggest you do the same considering airsoft guns are readily available almost everywhere. The thing about 4.5mm or .177" cal BB is not the composition (plastic vs metal) it's the diameter difference that makes the biggest impact on penetration. A .177 cal BB weighs as much as a .32g 6mm plastic BB but has basically half the surface area exposed to the relative wind and the skin. :)
  14. My advise?? Don't change the hop-up chamber or the spring guide. There is absolutely nothing wrong with either & you'll just be wasting money.......... Outside of other hop-up mods like the R-hop or whatever.....The stock bucking should suffice, but if it's something you must change I'd go with a G&G green. The stock piston should last awhile in stock trim but will eventually give way & need replacing. Everything else works great in the stock configuration. I'd only suggest other mods if you were looking for a high ROF or FPS build.
  15. Both of those 5000Mah battery's have some serious output potential ---- Take care when using them.... :)
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