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  1. was trying to be funny not sarcastic, sorry about that, guess it came out wrong. However that doesn't mean you fight back and try to put me down... I did have this planned out, problem is the weather has been changing plans and I didn't know I'll need a pistol till last minute... on another note, I talked to evike (after about a half hour hold with that crappy music haha) and after a 20 minute convo and me sending pictures of the gun they agreed to do a cross ship with free expedited shipping.... so I guess their customer service balances their not so great products... well lets wait till friday morning and see if I get a functional gun or not... as always thanks for the help guys
  2. yea I'm doing that now. I wanted it before friday for a match though... forgot to mention that...
  3. yea the original one had a dry seal. I fixed that and refilled and it still doesnt fire at all.
  4. no, the slide gets stuck on the hammer, not presses it down a bit. and great idea! the store is on the other side of the country... let me just walk over there quick hahaha im from east Pennsylvania I got the gun from evike (first mistake) and thats in california
  5. on further inspection the slide appears to be cathing on the hammer, is that normal?
  6. oh another thing, it feels like the slide gets caught on something half way in between fully closed and locked open position
  7. Just bought a kjw kp05 brand new open it up, mag in the gun leaks profusely, unusable. spare mag, top leaked a little then stopped. loaded and put it gun. pulled slide back and released. pull trigger, hammer moves, no fire. whats going on here? took the slide off and nothing looks broken except when I pull the trigger the piece that hits the valve on the gun only slides forward about a mm. not shoot forward then back into position like other guns ive seen... please help. I have a battle friday and cant get a replacement by then.
  8. well would ya look at that... haha thanks man... If I order now think I'll get it before friday?
  9. can you link it? I don't see any co2 by WE for that gun
  10. Alright thanks. Know anywhere I can get a cheap co2 mag fast? its a kjw 1911 double stack
  11. haha aren't you the one that suggested that gun to me?? and I don't want to put the money out for another mag right now, id like to just get some sort of adapter from amazon or something, I need it within the week.
  12. will the standard propane adapter also work for co2 tanks? are there adapters for the disposable 12g ones?
  13. Hey guys. I got a kjw 1911 gbb gun that is fit to take green gas or co2. Is there an adapter/device I can use to put co2 in the green gas mag and run it off that? Mags are like 30-40 bucks each and I already have 2 green gas ones. I want to play in cold and green gas generally doesn't do well in the cold so thats why I'm asking... Thanks any alternatives are nice to know too...
  14. I've been looking into buying the KJW 1911 from evike with the spare clip. Anybody ever use it? how is it? http://www.evike.com/products/29581%7B3%7D13
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