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  1. The nozzle and hop up are proprietary in relation to one another, therefor if you replaced one you would also have to replace the other (It's a split hop up though). I believe the tappet plate is TM compatible too. I have found that the KWA gearbox is very similar to the JG gearbox though, the KWA gearbox fits into my JG, but not the other way around since the JG gearboxes have a small tab at the bottom that would have to be shaved off. I'm just going to end it here with the KWA nonsense.
  2. Have you personally tried putting different internals into a KWA? Over the internet a lot of misinformation is passed on and a lot of the stuff regarding KWA is untrue. I can tell you the 2GX gearbox isn't much different than any other, there's no "magic" surrounding its parts. The whole rumor that the KWA gearboxes work best with only their parts is just BS spread around by the guys at the KWA forums. If something breaks you are not screwed. That being said, a KWA would not be my first choice, but it definitely wouldn't be my last.
  3. The worst part is that it says "5 available/ 10 sold"
  4. Reusing BBs is a pretty controversial idea. I do remember reading a thread about that issue a while ago, and some people made pretty good points. If you think about it loading BBs into a mid cap magazine puts quite a bit of pressure on the BBs, probably more pressure than if you shot at something relatively soft. If you think that building a BB trap is a good idea then go ahead. That being said, you should only use high quality non-biodegradable BBs. Anther thing is that you should not make the whole box out of plywood; the point of the mesh backing is so the BBs decelerate slowly rather than hitting a hard board and risk the chance of shattering.
  5. I personally don't like systema guns, I feel that the main reason people get them is because they buy into the whole idea that systema guns are the best for milsim. Once a crowd of super-tacticool folks with their sytemas comes around then others follow. I have a friend that bought a used systema. The motor had been sent to a company in the UK for work, and after two years of "upgrading" he said that the lonex motors still outpreformed the $300 systema motor.
  6. The problem isn't social class, its stupid people doing stupid things.
  7. I haven't opened my marui yet, but I have opened the cheaper clone ones that are almost identical. First off, I presume that you have tried multiple shells. Most UTG shells work fine but occasionally some don't, also try filling them half way and it might feed better (less pressure on the bbs and parts). Have you also checked the hop up chamber thing? Make sure that isn't cracked. In order to fix the problem you will need the right screwdriver to open the gearbox (duh!) so I would just go out and get one. Once you open the gearbox using this nifty guide and the picture below, it should be pretty easy to see whats wrong. Replacement parts are quite hard to come by for the marui m3s. On UN Company they do have parts, but a lot are out of stock. Alternatively you could just buy a used UTG tri-shot and scavenge parts for that.
  8. Looks like I'm going with a Lonex Red piston then; I have a fairly good budget but don't feel like overpaying if its not necessary. Anyone that has a KWA, what bucking do you use? I know the 2GX is horrible, but finding replacements is difficult. the KWA hop up is designed to take thin buckings, so far the bravo and JG bucking don't seem to fit. Anyone able to fit a Promethius soft bucking in? I don't really want to buy a $20 bucking only to have it be too tight.
  9. Than you verman for the response. I did google something like "Bravo blue vs red piston" but fore some reason the search results did not turn up as informative and no one could give a clear answer. Another question though was how is the G&P piston? its a bit cheaper and some people swear buy them, but does anyone have both the bravo and G&P and could say which they prefer?
  10. So I was putting the motor back into the grip of my SR7 and when I plugged in the battery and pulled the trigger the motor wouldn't turn the gear. It turns out piston head came loose in the gearbox and low and behold the piston broke. In the process of getting gearbox out the anti reversal latch got bent up. First off I would like to say that I'm not the best with tech work and internals; I can open up a gearbox and put it back together just fine, but when we start getting into AOE and shimming I don't have a clue how to do that all. I'll probably get a tech to do the work (shimming, correcting AOE, re-grease, and installing all the parts) But I'd rather buy the parts and give it to them, than them just choosing some random stock parts that are there. For the piston I'm thinking of getting a G&P white piston, a bravo/lonex red piston, a bravo/lonex blue piston, or if I have the money a supercore piston. What is the difference between the bravo red and blue piston, the red is about $10 more expensive, but is it really much better than the blue? Also how does the G&P piston compare? I also need a new spring for the gun. I was originally hoping to get about 420 max so I bought a bravo sp120 spring thinking that it would put me just around 400. When I brought it to the chrono station it was getting 447! In the gun is a Madbull 6.03 407mm barrel and a modify polycarb ported piston head, but I don't think that would make the gun shoot 450. Do you think a m100 would put the gun somewhere around 350 just to be on the safe side? Once the gearbox is back together I don't plan on opening it for a while? I'm also not trying to run a crazy fps/rof fire setup. I have a jg blue motor and its getting no more than 17 rps. Thanks for all the help, all feedback is appreciated
  11. Golden Ball BB's are alright, but they have horrible quality control. I once found 2 BB's stuck together without being properly separated from the mold, it was kind of like a stick of plastic that the BB's should have been separated from. It just makes me wonder what other types of minor flaws they let through...
  12. It doesn't really fit your requirements but it answers your question; Shotguns! I personally enjoy them much more than aeg's. They are a challenge to use (only short range, limited firepower), but that's most of the fun.
  13. Wouldn't the hairs on the couch (assuming it's a couch) get stuck to the finish?
  14. Do you live in the US? if so you could use duster gas, its the keyboard cleaning stuff: DUST OFF! It is similar to the actual airsoft brand duster gas, but doesn't have lubricants added in. In order to use it you will need an adapter. This stuff is pretty common in America, but I am unaware if it is easily accessible in Europe and other countries.
  15. I enjoyed the magazine too. the English translations were done very well.
  16. There are only 2 spas 12s on the market now: the KTW and the Tokyo marui. KTW TM The marui ends up costing about $270 while the ktw is $190. The price difference is apparent, but not as big as the difference between the Chinese tri shots and the marui. Also since the spas 12 sold out at redwolf you may have a hard time finding a new one. It is unclear weather the stockless version is being discontinued and I wouldn't expect to see them in stock for a while. I just revived my marui m3 today and I am thoroughly impressed. I understand that it not identical to the spas (the body is different, but I do believe the piston, piston heads, cylinder, and trigger components are the same, along with the pumping mechanism.) On the chinese guns there is almost no metal, it is just the pumping arms, trigger, screws and springs. The marui has full metal barrels, pumping assembly, spring guide, screws, sights, trigger, sling mount, springs, and other parts. (not sure, but I'd also assume this would be the case for the spas). additionally the marui spas is a tri shot, while the KTW is 1-2 shot and takes proprietary parts although the shotgun shells are interchangeable. If you are set on a spas 12, I would say marui is the way to go, assuming you can get your hands on one.
  17. Have you ever opened a DE/UTG tri shot? Because I have and they suck. The screws strip the plastic, it creeks, the plastic on the mechbox chips, and the piston and cylinder have so much dirt in them its pointless. They also have random globs of grease in places that don't even have movement. Also both guns shoot around the same fps so I don't see your point.
  18. Its not going to happen for $200. You will need to invest much more than that for a good sniper rifle setup. Heck most guys put far more than 200 dollars into their AEGs. If you are set on a sniper rifle get a jg bar 10. You will need to put hundreds more into it over time though.
  19. 1) Change the font back to the standard, it is really hard to read. 2) Systema is NOT the best airsoft manufacturer. 3) D-boys is not as bad as you claim it is. 4) G&P makes better bodies than VFC. Just giving some constructive criticism
  20. Guys, I think I found the answer. After venturing into the depths of the internet I found the manual for the spas 12, all 8 pages. The ones below detail the trigger assembly. the trigger is slightly different than that of the m3, but it seems the other parts around it are the same. I'm thinking that the trigger assembly may be compatible, it may take slight modification though. for reference here is the m3 take down:takedown guide, near the end you can see the trigger assembly of the m3
  21. I have been searching for about an hour and can't find anything on this topic (I guess not a lot of people have tm spas 12s). I am wondering weather the TM spas 12 internals are compatible with the m3's. Basically, could you drop a TM/DE m3's internals into a spas 12 shell? If not is the trigger assembly the same? I have heard somewhere that they are the same, but don't know for sure.
  22. Are you sure? Then what would justify the 50 dollar price difference on these two guns. I assumed most tanakas are full metal and that's why they have the 200 dollar price tag. I bought the second one I linked, its the ABS version, which leads me to assume that the other ones are not ABS. Metal not metal Renegadecow, we summon you to tell us if the tanakas are full metal or not...
  23. A SAW would be way better for automatic firepower, but I was just pointing out that you can do a lot of things to an M4. But that's only if he still wants to be the squad automatic gunner. He didn't really state if he wanted an LMG because he likes it, or just because he felt pressured into doing it for the team. If he honestly wants to be an automatic gunner, then I think he should pursue that role, but if not than an AR/AK/G36 might be a better option.
  24. You've just been getting a lot of negative feedback because you're posting about things that are controversial and the majority of the airsoft forum disagrees with. if you want a good red dot you need to spend $50 plus. The $30 dollar NC star red dots just won't cut it. And for some of us spending 100+ on an optic is worth it.
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