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  1. I have other options,but every other brands is expensive for me. The DBoys is the cheapest.I can't find other M4s under 200 euro.Every M4 what I find and no DBoys is more expensive than 200 euro. The DBoys M4 CQB-R has 9.6 v 1200mAh battery.(I think tihis is an updated version,the full name is in the store "DB M4 CQB-R full metal, logo, updated") And can 390-400 FPS.(I saw a youtube video)
  2. I do not have too much choice because I can't find JG in my country and the other M4s too expensive so my only choose is DBoys. Here is the all DBoys M4 gun what I can buy: http://www.municak.sk/airsoft/zbrane/dlhe-...aeg/dboys/m4m16 The other brand's is too expensive for me.I have max 200 euro for a gun.
  3. Hi everyone. I want to buy my first airsoft gun and start this sport and I looked for my self this weapon. http://www.municak.sk/airsoft/db-m4-cqb-r-...al-logo-updated What do you think? I do not really know what I will play. I think I need a gun for CQB and for field,but I do not have enoughe money for 2 weapons. So can you help me pls?This is a good weapon for CQB and field play? (sorry for my grammar mistakes,I just learning the english language)
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