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  1. Im looking for a good m-14dmr that I can use in a woodland area. I also want to upgrade it with an m140 spring and a 6.02mm tightbore. extarnaly I would like to put on a scope, bi-pod, and a mock silencer/barrel extension. anyhow I would love for someone elses advice on what they think such as what m-14 to buy and what brands to use while upgrading. thanks! have a good day!
  2. If your looking for a good sniper /dmr I would look into an m-14 . also if you read this can you tell me what your price range is? thanks
  3. where do you order from? which sight?
  4. HAHA yah sorry im new to this sight and I was trying to make 2 difrent posts for a good sniper/dmr and an other post for a good m1a1!
  5. I really am looking for a good sniper/dmr? something very reliable :a-cool:
  6. SOO I was in the exact same postion you are in now about a year ago and I must say the tsd l96 is a GREAT begginers sniper! the hop up is a little hard to work but other then that its a great clone! I definetly recomend it!
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