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  1. "tactical sneaker" style boots, 5.11's for sure, often run much closer to if not the same as your sneaker size. Traditional combat boots like Altamas, Wellcos, etc will fit larger meaning you should consider sizing down. However you should also be sure to size your boots after being on your feet for a while, including any insoles you plan to wear (SOLE are amazing), and while wearing a real pair of boot socks. The last part's where most airsofters skimp out and wind up tearing up their feet. You can not wear a real pair of boots, hiking or military style, with sport socks and expect not to have problems. Spend the money on some Darn Tough boot socks in your size, they're well worth it. You only get one pair of feet, take care of them.
  2. Does anyone know if the same material used for actual FROGs and the like is purchasable elsewhere? I've got a bunch of regular blouses I'm planning on cutting up and converting if I can get the right fabric.
  3. Still no communication. Seller went silent after asking questions about mismatched steel/aluminum parts and non-upgraded springs, didn't even respond to the last PM.
  4. Still waiting on a response.
  5. The physics of airsoft inherently precludes a truly worry free product. Real guns work as reliably as they do because mechanically they're a lot simpler and more robust compared to an airsoft gun. They can use heavy steel parts, we can't. They can shove their ammo around with a lot of force and it will swage to fit the barrel, we need to be gentle with our plastic BBs.
  6. It's a lot more padded than you'd think looking at it, and these gloves are a new gold standard for dexterity with serious Real Steel players like Military Morons and Milspec Monkey.
  7. I wear PIG full dexterity gloves. You can't really completely shield your fingers from hits and still maintain any reasonable amount of dexterity, but you can at least protect the back of your knuckles.
  8. Then if you've got the money I'd suggest getting a bump certified FAST clone. Better ventilation and a little protection against accidentally cracking your head on something.
  9. Off-color picture of the Profile NVG. When you get it the easiest way to tell if it's a clone is to peel out the lense and look at the slots that the frame snaps into. The real deal will have a more complex shape than clone cutouts.
  10. Grenade pouches are an extremely tight fit but will work, TACOs are great but you have to be careful not to get the corners caught on the elastic bands because the mags are so curved and have so many protruding bits. I still use them though since they work for anything.
  11. Radios used for airsoft can easily roflstomp all over law enforcement/emergency services and military frequencies. This is one of those things where you really need to learn what you're doing instead of being told "Just by X, Y, and Z".
  12. I've found several solid colored shirts from Voodoo tactical, tru-spec, and the other manufacturers that cater primarily to civilians. You can find them here.
  13. Kinda sorry I didn't see this thread sooner then. I used to wear a set of tactical-sneaker style boots for airsofting in the jungle and it never really worked out too well. Police style boots are designed for people that spend their work day on paved surfaces, driving, or indoors, not out in the woods. The difference in function and comfort between my 5.11's and my Altama milspec jungle boots is night and day. With the jungle boots I don't have any toe bash, my foot is more stable, better protected, the boot itself is tougher, and it breathes a hell of a lot better.
  14. I wear a boonie and put my goggles on over the top. The elastic band pulls the side of the brim down over my ears.
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