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  1. I have a echo one g36, and I was wondering if I should sell the g36 and get a m4 or mp5 or keep it. So I need some help, should I sell it and get a different gun, and If I should, what manufacturer do yall suggest? Or should I just keep the 36?
  2. I need help picking out a new primary for myself. I want a M4 ris with a crane stock and preferably a full size not a cqb. It must be under $200 and I don't care if it is metal or polymer. I am looking for a quality one but not super expensive so I can buy a good battery and smart charger plus some extra mags. If anybody knows of any goods ones they could suggest please let me know, thanks.-E.J.
  3. Usaully will as long as the aeg mags aren't the batteries like the cr*smans(VERY NAUGHTY BRAND/WORD), the mags are probally interchangeable as they only hold bb's. Overall aeg and spring mags are interchangeable but Gas mags are NOT changeable as they hold gas.
  4. I think it would fill the mag, but I think you would wreck your gun and mags with using co2. Sorry buddy but why gbbr in cqb anyways? Aeg is much cheaper and effective at cqb, and it doesn't make you fell sick if you've been playing for a long time without proper vent. To be honest the best load out for cqb is an aeg for your primary and a gbb handgun for your secondary.
  5. I have to agree with govtcheez, Its a sport of trust and all the background info he said is legitimate. Honestly just see if your gun can accept CO2 mags. They are a lot cheaper and easier to use in my opinion.
  6. Hey man, welcome to the world of airsoft! First thing is price range. I need to know that to help you out. Next I want to know if you want an aeg or a gas blow back rifle? aegs are cheaper to use typically. Gbbr's are typically more expensive, not that much variety in magazines but you can modify most of the gun without having to worry about wires and they have semi-realistic recoil (hence the blow-back). Next I need to know what style you are into like ak's or AR's or G36's or whatever you like. answer me back and I can help you pick out a weapon. Please also let me know which distributors you can buy from, I prefer Airsoft GI, Evike or airsplat.-E.J. gun tech
  7. Sorry, but there are no spare magazines for that pistol that are officially compatible with the gun. But I honestly suggest purchasing the KJW MK IV, It is around 60-70 U.S. dollars, and spare magazines are easily available. The nice thing about the MK IV is that it has the power and accuracy of a sniper. It is gas but it is NOT a gas-blow-back. Hope I helped.-E.J. Gun tech
  8. Not quite sure what you mean by 10mm, but If you have an aeg shop evike. here is the link to a high cap straight mag http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=37007 it is $22. Hope I helped-E.J. gun tech
  9. all airsofts have some form of lip on the magazine to hold the bbs in, unless it is defected, so if it cannot hold ammo in then contact whoever sold you the gun/magazine and get a replacement before your warranty runs out-E.J. gun tech
  10. If you are knowledgeable of airsoft guns, let me guide you through, if not however please send your gun into your local airsoft shop. Next, do you still have a warranty on your airsoft gun through the manufacturer or the distributor that you bought your airsoft gun form? If the answer is no, please follow my guide through basic repair of your airsoft shotgun. First make sure you have tools at your disposal, then take off the pump of your shotgun. Make sure nothing was blocking the pump; if there was remove object and place into secure spot, then attempt to pump shotgun and if problem still occurs then you must go one step further and take body apart. Check for any broken or out of place pieces of your airsoft. Make sure all pieces can move correctly, and trouble shoot why it cannot move normally. Trouble shooting is just using your brain, look what else the piece that is immobilized is connected to, and see if their is anything wrong with it, and fix it if it is broken and if not then keep on working down the system until your gun is fixed. As always try to remember where everything goes on your gun so re-assembly is easier than taking the gun apart. Don't forget to clean and re-lubricate everything EXCEPT the hop-up if your gun has one! Hope this helped-E.J. gun tech
  11. how about a crosman r76? I heard those are quality ;). But on the serious note anything KWA is good, and kjw's ruger MKI is a great quality and fuel efficient gun. It is non-blowback, but it has bout 400 fps and is SUPER ACCURATE! And even one more plus, it is ruffly about $60-$70, it has a plastic upper with a adjustable hop up, metal internals, and metal lower and mag. Easiest break down in the world, but the magazine can be a hassle to get out if you are in a rush. The best part about it is that it is a sniper in a pistol, just without the scope. Hope I helped. BTW I bought mine from airsplat, decent price but not the greatest CS.
  12. You are welcome, but when you are ordering a piston please make sure that it is correct with your gun form the local airsoft shop or CS from whatever website you are ordering of off, as some can be different bores and it can cause a error, most pistons are the same size but double check so you don have the hassle of an incorrect piston :)
  13. I too, have had this problem contacting KJW. Either their customer support is worse than Helen keller or they are using mcdonalds wifi. (gamer joke) I have sent them 10 emails and no reply to any of them. I have given up on kjw product only because of the lack of customer service.
  14. hate to say this, and I'm not sure as I really haven't worked on aegs, just learned a little bout them, but it sounds like to stripped a gear or broke the piston. If you are a newbie and cant fix it yourself, send it in to the local gun shop or gun tech near you. BTW a airsoft gun shop, not a firearms store, as they will most likely laugh at you.
  15. try a new magazine. The way it sounds, the piece that gets pushed in to release the gas may be faulty. Why it happens on the third shot is that it has dropped enough pressure to be pushed in a little. Possibly same with the gaskets (O-rings) but the pressure was forcing the gaskets closed but when the pressure is lowered they aren't under a lot of force and they leak a little. Another way to test this without buying a new magazine is to slowly put gas in the mag, like put a little in, then let it sit for a while then try to shoot it. See if it still does the three shot then leak. If it leaks with only having a little bit in their; trouble shoot each O-ring/gasket to see where it is leaking, Then fix it! Hope I helped-E.J.
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