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  1. I hear you. I am just frustrated. Was hoping someone would see this issue and say they had the same thing and know a fix. At least that was best senario
  2. I know this is now getting long, but I mentioned in my original 1st post that I have 2 mags. I was even at the store tonight and tried a new mag in it with the same results.
  3. I already shimmed the rubber boot on the mag which makes contact with the nozzle. Didnt help, nor does pushing the mag up. Again if it was loosing gas due to a leak between the nozzle and mag wouldnt I get gas blowing out. This just has me a bit frustrated due to spending more money at this point, then the gun is worth..
  4. Guges, I have been dealing with airsoft and GBBR's for about 5 yrs. I have owned, an LM4, Vector, Mp9, Mp7, We PDW, We MSK, Kjw 1911, KWA M9PTP, We Glock 18, and the list goes on. I know how to lube a pistol. I clean my pistols with a q-tip, on all the railed surfaces. I then apply murder oil on the rails. This pistol just has me a little stumped, thus why I posted the thread. I replaced so much up to this point I am into it more than a new one would cost....
  5. Here are pics of the other upper. This one looks much better and less wear. When I install this one it does the same thing. I use Murder Oil when I lube all my GBBR's. If I have to much wear wouldn't I get a lot of gas or at least some blowing out the sides?
  6. The gun is lubed every time it is used. There isn't much play side to side or up and down when it's on the lower. So I am hesitant to say its worn out. I have other pistols that have over 10 times the use as this one and no problems with them.
  7. Are these better? Remember I have 2 different uppers. One has very little use with the same results. When fired I don't get gas blowing out the sides or anywhere [/url]
  8. There really isn't much play between the upper and lower once together. Let me know if these pics are better.
  9. Pics are to big to fit on 1 post. Remember I said I have 2 uppers. Both don't help. There isn't a lot of play when the upper is on. So I assume it's not worn out.
  10. I will snap a pic later when I get home but are you talking about the upper slide near the blowback or the lower in the back. Specifically part number. 24, the hammer block? That would be the part where I think your talking about. If you are its a funny story. That is the only thing I did not replace in the whole back part of the gun. I ordered it but KWA sent me the wrong part in the bag. It had the correct part number but was not the hammer block. So I called them and told them about it and that to just credit my card since I got the gun all back together at this point. Crazy if thats my issue. In that it is the only thing in the rear of the gun that wasent replaced. If your talking about the slide, I don't think that is the issue as I have 2 upper slides. I tried both and both have the same result.
  11. I know. Already posted topic there. Over 50 views no response. MP5User, Yes I did that as well. But results were the same. Blow back weak most of time and strong 10% of the time.
  12. I have a version 2 ATP and it's experiencing issues. I have replaced everything in the hammer block assembly, air nozzle, main seal and bucking. As well as the trigger bar. I get soft blowback on 80% of the shots. All of a sudden I get a few hard firm Blowbacks like it should be doing. I even swapped the recoil spring from another KWA pistol, with no changes. I spoke to kwa directly and they told me they cannot give any advise. Hopefully someone is experiencing the same issue. Almost forgot, I have 2 magazines both experience the same thing. One mag I bought brand new release and inlet valves.
  13. I just bought an ICS CXP m4 that has that split gearbox. I see your selling an upper. It would be nice to keep my existing one that is shooting 390 fps and then get another upper and set that one up for cqb. Do you think your upper will fit the ICS m4 split gearbox. I have never owned an ics split gearbox.
  14. Picked one up, so admins please delete if needed. I no longer need this part....
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