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  1. who said the CM are terrible bases? quite the opposite. they have a strong shell and decent stock gears. onlything I worried about in mine is the piston which works well if its untouched. if you are upgrading the internals itll be swapped anyway
  2. every one seems to miss the G&G at the bottom. in my opinion, even though its used its still a better choice. sturdy little guns those are
  3. g&g combat machine. hands down best entry level gun. take a look at it. its not metal but itll last longer than those other two I promise. the raiders rails are actually really solid for being poly.
  4. how is the stock range on both of those? any particular model that will be good for future upgrading?
  5. well I have never had an issue with the lonex a1. worth the buy. it gives you torque and speed. basically its unbeatable for several price brackets.
  6. so no im not new to airsoft but I would like your guys opinion on my next gun. looking for a field gun that shoots close to 400fps with out going over (field rules and yes I know fps does not equal range I want the higher fps to be able to punch through brush...) and it needs to have decent stock range. I don't really care about metal or plastic externals as long as its a solid build (like g&g nylon). Im leaning towards stanag compatibility for my abundance of m4 mags lying around but id have no issues getting different mags for something a little more unique. my budget is right under $300 so NO POLARSTARS... what would you guys recommend?
  7. honestly save up and buy the kwa lm4. hands down the best all weather gbbr m4 platform out there lots of parts too.
  8. agreed the a1 is a beast even with stock kwa gears and 9.6 im getting right around 20-25 rps honestly 16:1 gears might be best for it since theres so much power in the motor
  9. I have a lancer tactical CA-404 sight and I seem to uh missplaced my batterycap... anyone know where to get a spare?
  10. get the lm4. the ns2 gas system is amazing for outdoors and you can put a shorter barrel on it. super reliable and easy to upgrade. my buddy has one and its never failed him indoors or out.
  11. I did specify. I asked what it was with a 9.6. 9.6 being commonly associated with 9.6v nimh. you should read the whole post.
  12. now im leaning heavily towards the g&ps! thanks! about how long will the stock internals last while playing once a week shooting around 2-3k rounds each time?
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