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  1. How much for that black one? Ya got two ugly as sin P90s and NOT a F2000? I am disapoint.
  2. Maybe this is a dumb question. But why not just sell the stuff outright? Atleast people would know what they are getting and you wouldn't be getting PM's from picky people. I never have understood the thrill in mystery boxes, maybe I need to buy one and find out.
  3. I didn't say my guns couldn't use .25s I said I prefer .20s. 2 out of 3 of my guns shoot past 175 feet, learn to read. When a bb is going THAT slow at the end of it's flight you'd be lucky if the player being shot heard or even saw the hit. Doesn't matter if it hits, it matters if he calls it. I use Eliteforce .25s, I prefer .20s. I use .25s because my team all runs .25s so it's just easier to have interchangable mags and bb's. Quit being so damn hostile. I'm not sure why you're going on about spelling like a 16 year old either, who cares about spelled? Certainly not me. I think rhop is a passing phase in airsoft, sorry I only get 175ft out of standard hopup, I must not be a 1337codsofter. Oh darn. So this doesn't go any further and so you cool down and chill, I am going to add you to ignore. Sorry you can't have a disagrement with someone without having a ragefit.
  4. I'm not gonna sit here and argue with someone. If you knew anything yourself, you'd realize at that range the bb would be traveling probally under 100fps. Range, accuracy, and fps all go hand in hand. If you wanna start a fight do it with someone else please. I also said it was "SUGGESTED" if you can read properly, but that would be me assuming again....oh darn.
  5. Thank you, but that was before it looked like this: It took me about 4 months to finish it.
  6. Sdostaff which is an ebay seller, sells them for about $50 shipped, Nice quality and rain proof (trust me I tried it). Lil dim in the sunlight, but overall not bad for the $50 mark. I HIGHLY suggest a lens cover, EOTech replicas get shot out all the time. Spend the extra 10 and protect your sight. I bought his 552 model which runs off two AA batteries. Which is awesome I might add. I hope this helps.
  7. Few pictures of me taking out my PSG-1 before it was finished. All pictures where taken at my home field Combat Airoft in Deer Park W.I.
  8. Rules : TRADES TAKE PRIORITY! I will ship first if you have a high reputation on these forums, otherwise you ship first. Paypal or face to face. Trades are allowed. Feel free to thread cap. Shipping included unless it says otherwise. Prices are firm-ish but can go down for part trades or bundles. If it still has a price, it's still for sale. Trade list, M16 related stuff. Grips, Carry Handle Rail, Flash Hider, Mock Silencer. Now for the sales: First I have a CM030 in perfect working order. It does have the Nine Ball Lanyard Butt Plate installed so that's why it's a bit more pricey. Included is one standard mag, the battery and a lovely modified charger to work with smart chargers instead of the silly standard trickel charger. I will include a standard trickel if you prefer. SOLD! BlackHawk CQC Serpa holster for G17/G18c models, fits the CM030. SOLD! Black Condor Pistol Lanyard. SOLD! Black Large Condor Stryker gloves, they have a small hole near the knuckle $12 Shipped. Black Condor Tactical vest, minimal wear, one of the metal fastners near the belt buckel is missing but doesn't effect it at all. Had to stich the shoulder pad on theright side since I got shot point blank with a Co2 Revolver 3 times. Waist pouch on back is included. Dump pouch, Nato pouches, and name tapes are NOT included or for sale. $45 shipped OBO! EOTech Lens Covers $10 each shipped or $18 for both. Mp5 Metal outer barrel $10 shipped. Dual offset 20mm rail mount $10 shipped (Allen key and screws included). EOTech flip up lens covers $10 shipped. Random PEQ box, don't know anything about it $10 shipped. Random rail covers, including 3 Magpul XTMs (4 total rail covers) SOLD! Some bigger items may be shipped with extras. I do strive to ship the same day if possible. This is my first time selling on Airsoft Forum, but I do sell on ebay occasonally and have a 100% rating. If you'd like to look that up my ebay user name is DawnsBlankFlank. Thanks for lookin!
  9. That's not contradicting, clearly you are inexperianced. FPS does have a factor in which bb's you should use and which you shouldn't. If I contradicted myself it would be saying, "I use .20s to get 400 fps" Each bb weight has a suggested fps group to use it with. Maybe if you knew this you wouldn't be spewing out nonsense. I could link about 100 posts related to this, but I don't wanna spoon you. I'm also sure your Dboys will have a big enough spread I could walk thru it.
  10. I use my G&G F2000 for CQB which seems fine. It's also a bullpup tho. I wouldn't dare adding a silencer to it or anything in CQB tho. If you plan on keeping a flash hider or a stubby silencer I think you'll be fine. Once you start adding 8 inch silencers on CQB guns is when you run into problems. I've actually seen that quite a bit sadly, although they are mainly children who play COD. But still, don't be one of those players. If you get a CQB gun keep it short.
  11. At extremes these graphs apply, it's also a freggin graph not actually how it works. Just like an fps calculator wont tell you your fps. Unless the bb's are shooting past 180ft bb weight hardly adds range. The minor changes don't add up to cost imo. Unless you are using rhop or a over 400 fps gun, it really doesn't matter what weight you use. Atleast in my guns I've seen ZERO change in range and accuracy. My guns only have an effective range of 175 feet tho.
  12. Thats maybe a few times a year, not every friday saturday and sunday. Nor are you running, jumping, sliding and shooting. The two are nothing alike and make no sense.
  13. Which is ironic because they've been told 100 times fps isn't everything.
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