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  1. Cool, thx! This really helped! He has a lot for other interesting airsoft stuff too, and yes, I'm definitly getting a rail cover, especially of how it rains a lot lately.
  2. Oh, sorry. I'm preety much looking for a holographica sight, preferably an EOTech replica, but I can't find anything that I know is good for the price.
  3. Actually, I have the normal black painted version thats shoots very good. My price range is around $40-$60. Don't need cover, 'cus I don't "play" around with my guns, lol.
  4. I'm looking for a good Holographic sight or red/green dot sight that's "affordable". I have a Game Face GF15A4 rifle. Anyone got any suggestions?
  5. So I have a Game Face GF15A4, and I can't figure out what mag this gun takes. Can anybody help?
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