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  1. Hey all I am frustrated as shizzle at the moment. I had bought a HK417 around a year ago but stopped playing soon after as life just got a bit hectic. Anyways I've recently got my spark back and was messing around in the back garden with it when the motor started struggling to turn and eventually came to a complete stop. The 7.4v 2600mah 25c battery worked fine in another gun, I took the motor out and checked it on a direct battery to motor adapter - that I made to break in new motors - and it also worked just fine. At the moment I'm left with the impression the modest battery ****ed the trigger contacts in which case bloody hell VFC I am pretty disappointed! Anyways I'm trying to get to the bottom of it but can't for the life of me get the gearbox out the shell (this is my first rifle off of the AR platform.) I've removed the top half recever, hand grip and fire selector. Now apparently there is to be a small allen screw underneath the stock tube plate, how do I get to it?? I feel as if it's going to be something so simple but I'm just so baffled right now. The grooves on the stock tube suggest I undo the circular thing near the plate anti-clockwise but it is bloody solid tight, I don't want to hurt myself or the beauty of the gun at this point. Swift response would be greatly appreciated. When I ordered the rifle from WGCshop I had also bought a Lonex A1 motor, prommy 420mm barrel w/ appropriate cylinder, prommy purple bucking w/ flat hop nub, couple pistons and other bits & bobs so I'm pretty much set to turn this into something special I know these gearboxes tend to crack so I'll be making the necessary mods as well as the obvious mechbox adjustments, though UK fields for automatic rifles rarely exceed 370fps so it shouldn't be a problem hopefully.
  2. There's alot more anger around here than I remember....O_o You sound new to airsoft mate, start your career with an AEG and discover yourself as a player and the capabilities of airsoft weapons first. Sniper rifles don't perform out of the box, it takes time, money and knowledge. Knowledge that you first have to gain ;)
  3. I'd just like to say, DAMN I respect the patience and willingness of the ASF community to help newer players who respond to answers with 10 times more questions.
  4. Dawn, it's pathetic how you flame people on other forums for being grammer nazis and egotists/elitists then come on ASF and do exactly that. You need to address your social skills on a serious level, I doubt you really conduct yourself like that in real life because you will eventually come across someone with a lack of values like yourself and you will get the faecal matter kicked out of you. On topic, Polymer isn't a material itself, it's a process of mixing plastic I believe which is why there are so many different levels of quality usually influenced by the brand. I've never had problems with it myself as I stick with steel/aluminium built guns.
  5. Definetely north of £2000 since I started last October o_0 Mind you if I hadn't discovered airsoft, it would have all gone on alcohol, clubs and designer clothes. My wifes alot happier now, happy wife = happy life
  6. If you know anyone that can dosome basic tuning like shimming and aoe correction, get the JG m4. If not, then a G&G CM is your best bet for the money. JG also make a good G36C. CYMA make fantastic AKs for the money. Fair amount of steel and weight, as well as solid internals. Can't go wrong there either for just over a hundred bucks.
  7. Use the search function, there's plenty of guides on this forum. Mods, flat hop and r-hop are all covered.
  8. From what I've heard, the S&T one is shizzle all round. I don't know if the G&G one will be in stock anywhere now though due to licensing.
  9. The Bravo is basically a Lonex innit? Doubt there's anything wrong there. Like others suggested it'll probably be due to how it was all assembled.
  10. Internally, Lonex is the way to go out of the box no doubt. Particularly the batch with the A1 motors. If you use it as a base gun and build externally you'll end up with a fantastic bit of kit.
  11. ^^^ What Guges said. And please, please construct future posts in proper sentences.
  12. Lol you should check the prices we pay for guns in the UK. Even with the shipping, the total cost turns out around 40% cheaper to buy from Asia than to buy from a UK store. OP go for either of the VFCs, can't go wrong. They both have equal rail space as far as I can see
  13. I have that same one but in black. Holds everything that I'd need on the field. Wicked bit of gear
  14. Doubt it's the barrel mate unless it's a serious lemon. Most BBs are made to be 5.94-5.95 mm hence why after use of a lil physics and math, 6.03mm is considered to be best suited. I hadn't even heard of these wider bores until I came across this thread if I'm honest.
  15. Pretty sure there is a S&T Tavor in your budget though you'd want to check a few reviews of it before pulling out the wallet.
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