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  1. I know about the big disappointment with shell damage and other QA issues, but I'd still love to get my hands on one - new or used. Thanks! -Sam in San Diego
  2. Hello folks- I'm in the market for a very good replica m60 - mostly really want the old school m60-vn style, but if anyone wants to sell or has a lead on any Inokatsu m60 variants I'd really love to get my hands on one. Thanks! Sam in San Diego
  3. Hello all- I'm really looking hard for a lightly used or very used and upgraded gas m14 ebr. I like the WE m14 that isn't readily available in the states from what I can see. I could do paypal, name the price. Thanks! Sam feel free to pm, text or email ikelowe<AT>msn.com (619) 787-8841
  4. I have a beautiful Inokatsu M4 that I need to care for and feed properly. The Prowin mags she came with are tempermental and the follower and spring on one are tangled into a hopeless mess. I'd be willing to pay $70 for a functional mag for the M4A1 2011 super, and $100 for the modified Prowin mag 50-round version. $50 for a 20rd version...paypal is our friend. Ikelowe pm me or shoot me a regular email: ikelowe<AT>msn.com
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