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  1. I am looking to upgrade to a new gun. I currently have an APS ASR 101 with no mods. I play field in Florida, mainly support role. I have only been in airsoft for about 3 months. I am looking at the KWA SR 10 for the high rate of fire, and the LIPO ready out of the box (Yes I know there are different opinions on "LIPO ready"). I also like the reliability that the KWA brand seems to have. I know they require KWA parts for upgrades and replacements. That is one of my concerns. I have also been steered toward VFC and am looking at the SR 15 E3. I don't have any LIPO batteries and will probably wait for a little bit to upgrade to them, but I want a gun that has a good ROF (20 or greater) and a good range (200ft +) that is going to be pretty reliable. I know that every gun could use a couple tweeks out of the box to get max. performance, I just don't know what. If I got either of these guns, what should I do "out of the box" to make them better? The more I read and watch, the more confused I seem to get. I thought the SR 10 was the perfect gun for me, then I found the hater sites and thought "Maybe I should stay TM compatible in case I want to upgrade." I know there is no perfect gun, but I am looking for some advice so here it goes. I want a gun with good ROF and Range and pretty reliable for somewhere under $400. If there are other options that are as good, hit me. I am open to whatever, but I don't want to "build" a gun.
  2. Update. Today in the mail came a box from Airsplat that my wife had ordered for me and didn't tell me. (she's a good woman). Inside the "Jackpot box", was an APS ASR 101 M4. I don't know anything about this gun, but I watched a couple reviews about it and think it will do nicely for my first gun. Is there anything on this gun that I should be looking to upgrade out of the box, or is it good out of the box? I wasn't really looking for a blowback gun, but hey it's what I have now. Any suggestions?
  3. That looks like what I like. All 1 piece construction peaks my interest. Anyone else have feedback on either of these?
  4. G&G R8-L Combat Machine M4 Airsoft AEG B http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ER-GG-M4-R8L-B.htm Opinions?
  5. Ok here's the deal, I am a working adult and can spend whatever I want on a gun. I just want to get the best gun for my money. I figured that $250 is a good start point. I would really hate to spend $150 and find out that I could have had a much better gun for $300. It seems that everyone has an opinion and they are all different. I was looking at the KWA CQR Mod 1, any thoughts. I just read that if you have to replace parts, you have to use the KWA parts. I really just want a gun that I can pummel my friends with. I don't want cheap, but I don't need top of the line. I already have too many expensive hobbies. Combat machine is one possibility.
  6. Electric blowback......pro or con? And will it drain the battery a lot faster?
  7. I'm an adult getting into the sport and looking to buy my first gun. I prefer the M4 look and would like a good gun that I don't have to mod. I won't spend a ton of money on a gun at this point, between $200-$250 is what I am looking at right now since I need to get some gear as well. I have spent the past week looking at review after review and I am kind of interested in the Ares "Next Generation AEG". I don't think I am interested in KWA just because of their proprietary parts. I will more than likely be playing woods/field mostly since I can't find a CQB place around me, (Tampa area) but would like a gun that can be used indoor. Give me some ideas please and thanks.
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