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  1. Nope. not interested. Mk18 rails only. Also, I already bought a new rail, so I don't need it anymore.
  2. WTB: Fake surefire screw in pressure switch As the titles states. Looking for just the switch. My switch crapped out. Hopefully someone has a spare switch.
  3. I don't want one random pmag in a sea of regular mags. So looking to trade my used pmag for a newish standard mag. No leaks, just got it back from KWA RMA (was leaking before). So it's up to KWA spec.
  4. Turning my LM4 into a MK18 Mod1. I need a Daniel Defense Mk18 rail to get the project started.
  5. I've got a pair of Multicam combat pants w/ built in Crye airflex knee pads that I just bought from ebay. Unfortunately they are way too huge, so I need to get some a Small-Regular Multicam pants. These pants are new w/o tags. I still have the original Crye airflex packaging. I want new/excellent condition Multicam pants in S-R plus $60 cash. Buyer needs to send first. I'll post up pictures if I get enough interest on the forum.
  6. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/_...RSOFT_Pack.html Facepalm....
  7. I think there is no reason you can't start with ACM gear. Typically, I'll test the idea in ACM, and go RS when I'm convinced. Save a few items. RS really isn't all that more expensive when it comes to little things like pouches. So I've owned very few ACM pouches. For example, I bought an ACM serpa, and now I know I hate the Serpa. I'm not going to cry when I ditch the cheap serpa and get a G-code for triple the price. IMO, I don't know how you guys play, but I'm generally tearing sh*t up. More so, IMO than some plinker in the RS world.
  8. I put a Madbull PWS Mk110 on my G&P Body. Magpul Vltor-MUR, I believe was the body type. Had a $%#$% of a time getting the rail on, but I cranked it back and forth till it went on nicely. I believe the problem lies in the thickness of the paint. Once that is scratched off, it GTG.
  9. Really? Have you ever even tried to run a business? If not, please STFU. Cutting up the patch takes time. Time is money. It would be different if he just bought the tube from the supplier and sold it as a cut tube. But even then, dealers want to see a 30% mark-up MINIMUM. As an entrepreneur, you want to see 3-5x mark up depending on the price so you can actually grow. Otherwise you are dead in the water. HS5 sells extremely tiny and cheap items, so it's fair for him to get 5x mark up. He's allowed to make at least minimum wage.....
  10. <AT>shwell, Could you please elaborate? Also, I like how the Brokos allows you to "weave" the belt through and put open belt spots where you need it. It's also the most low profile belt I've ever seen. I personally don't like impressions because if you want to look like a grunt, etc etc, join the military. Stop pretending to be something your not. That's just my opinion. As much as I'd like to dress up like a Marine, I find it disrespectful to copy them without even earning the right to do so.
  11. I'm having the same problem with cleaning. The damn think sh*ts black powder. <AT>Guges, could you recommend a "next" motor instead of putting up a useless post? Thanks.
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