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  1. Oh ok, my friend has a we tech and it doesn't operate very well. But evike promotes we tech so much, it leads ou to believe that they are the brand to get.
  2. Your right, but on the up side it may just be a store display or a return item. Half the fun of it is you Never know.
  3. I know that post was big but I was trying to keep it specific, haha. Anyways I'll do some looking at tm and see how I like them. Thanks man
  4. Hi I'm new to gas pistols and I want to buy one. I've been looking around and I want to know what others know about gas pistols for ex. Advice, recomedations, experiences, etc. etc. Im looking for one that is preferably under $130, that isn't a gas hog and won't break on me, also a gbb. I know the saying you get what you Pay for but I can only spend so much on a secondary. Any reply will be greatly appreciated.
  5. I'm working on making my echo1 Barrett rec7 into a dmr and a friend recommend that I get a stronger spring. Is it nessecary that I do that. And if so do I have to worry about to much strain on my motor, gears, and piston? And if you have any spring recommendations don't be stingy.
  6. Thanks for your incite, ive already mounted a bipod on my rec7 already(it was a piece of shitaké plastic) but my gun was very accurate and still is.
  7. I'm working on a dmr build on a barrett rec7. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna buy a mad bull 6.03. But I'm not fully Decided on that option. Anybody have any better suggestions form a better tight bore For $30 or less. Also does any body have any suggestions for a quality bipod? And I'm on a budget, I appreciate the suggestions but a $50 bipod is out of my range.
  8. What about a $90 Ares hk ump? Is that worth fixing?
  9. Hi everyone, I'm thinking about buying a Jp famas for $65 dollars from evike's bone yard. I figure it would be a nice project gun. But before I finally decide to buy it I want to know anyone's opinion, personal experiences, advice, etc. Any feed back would e greatly appreciated.
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