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  1. When I started airsoft, I had a cheaper clone gun, and I screwed it up trying to put it all back together. Since then I have still been wary about opening up my gun. I can take apart everything except the gearbox, and hop-up, those I have someone else do for me.
  2. I am looking to put together a sf or pj loadout and need some inspiration from yours!
  3. I am looking for a JPC or 6094 plate carrier, don't really care what brand. Would like it to be Khaki, OD or RG
  4. Looking to buy some extra small multicam pant or shirt, or both. Do not need to be new or in good condition.
  5. LOL, its true, I do need to gain wait. Just had a brownie and some ice cream. I will most likely go with the JPC.
  6. I saw some vids and on a few small people the Y shaped straps on the front fit weird. I do like the look of the JPC though.
  7. So I have doing LOTS of web surfing, and now trying to decide between two plate carriers. The first one is the Skirmich Jumper Plate Carrier and the second is the 6094 plate carrier. What one will fit me best (I am 5' 4" and like 80 lbs, small for my age). Other than fitting what one is best for medium to long games, light weight, comfy, ect.
  8. I really like the Flyye 6094 style plate carrier, but at $105 and I still need to get pouches, its a little costly.
  9. Wow, those are really good prices! They a nice plate carrier selection to. Is TMC a good brand?
  10. Yeah but it is a lot harder to get, and when you find it it is super pricey.
  11. I am looking at brands such as Condor, Pantac, and Propper, as well as others I cant think of. I am just doing a functional loadout, I was thing of doing a zero dark thirty one, with the desert marpat, but that is really not the best camo for my area. It is somewhat inspired by Evike Matt's loadout.
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