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  1. WTB CIRAS LAND. or Mari Version or RRV with Front and Back Panel. Tan or COYOTE! Im good with cheap Chinese clones, not looking for rs at this time.
  2. Have an xbox 360 here! The xbox is missing the tray cover in the front, does not affect it at all. Still works awesomely. Comes with power cable, and HDMI cable. It will also come with a black xbox 360 remote with the battery, that has a headset and plug in to xbox charger cable as well. For The xbox and everything listed above looking to get $100 Shipped! Battlefield 3 Premium Edition - $15 shipped Forza 4 Essenital Edition - $15 shipped Medal of Honor- $10 shipped Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - $20 shipped Call of Duty Black Ops 1 - $15 shipped. Everything goes Priority!
  3. Hello everyone I bought a A&K Masada recently and I like the look of the Magpul PTS Real Size Hand guard. I was wondering if anyone knows whether the Real Size hand guard fits the A&K Masada? Thanks
  4. I do believe thats a MOPC if im not mistaken
  5. Yep title says it all looking for either a scar or 416. Scar must be tan. Not looking to spend over $120.
  6. Here is our team. I am expected to have more pictures taken next week. Check back we will have more!
  7. rof646


    Visit Our website we are currently recruiting for local members and branch officers.
  8. So here I will be posting whenever we get new items. So lets start: Sandman Mirage Ice
  9. We are ROF, if you want any more information on us here you are: Visit Our Website Visit Our Facebook!
  10. Keep in mind it is Chinese but if your on a low budget I don't see why not. Make sure to look around at other options though.
  11. rof646


    We know have a new website and facebook: Our Website! Our Facebook
  12. Its just dead I don't know the problem I think it maybe be wiring is dead.
  13. So I did research for my A&K Masada and my gearbox decided to die... I cant tell if it takes a regular M4 gearbox or if it has its own. Also what kind of Hop-up as well?
  14. rof646


    Hello, we are Recon Ops Fireteam 646. We are located in the Desert near California. We are a 4 member team. Our members: Sandman: Assault/ Team Leader Mirage: Medic/ Co-Leader Iceman: Heavy Assaultman Reaper: Sniper We are trying to become an actual MILSIM team but have much work to do. So we are hoping we can learn and become a decent MILSIM team. We do have a website: Visit Our Website Teams rules and requirements: Must be respectful to members, even opposing members. Call your hits, be responsible. Must be in contact with leader. Show up for practices. Do as your asked. The most important; be safe and have fun. Must have Uniform. Such as Desert Digital, or Multicam. Must have some kind of eye wear such as: ESS or Revision Must have some kind of modern day helmet: Mich's, Fast, Emerson. Must have a Plate Carrier of some sort.
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