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  1. I didn't know VFC stopped making them sorry. This thread can be deleted.
  2. Since VFC was one of the only companies to have a nice BAR replica and the quality that comes with it, the price was around 1200 dollars. Now E1 has released their version of the BAR for under 400 dollars. We all know which gun is of better quality but do you guys think that this will hurt the sales of the VFC version or make them lower their price a few hundred dollars? I for one am love the BAR and hopefully will get a chance to own a replica since a real steel original can cost around 40,000+ dollars so its nice to see an affordable version on the market.
  3. I was looking at the KWA SR-7 as well, but I liked the externals much more on the Socom Gear. I also read that E1 and G&G are rebranded with different externals by Socom Gear as well but the higher priced M4's are VFC. I will look more into it just to make sure it is VFC. Thanks for the heads up and recommendations.
  4. So with me refund from airsplat on the E1 I bought and the time I've had to think about which new gun to buy, I've decided to save up the extra cash and buy a nice quality gun. I wanted to start working on guns but at the moment, I'd rather just get out and play and learn as I go. I was looking into VFC since they seem to be right up my alley with quality, looks, and price. The most I'd want to spend on a gun is about 350 because at the moment I can't really justify spending more (personal opinion based on how frequent I play). Anyways, I started to really like the Socom Gear M4s which are VFC with licensed externals. I am looking for a new gun to play and I want to get into CQB a little bit but I can't say that I will be limited to that. I liked the SG Omega with the 7" rail but the more I looked the more I loved the 12" rail with the rail extending past the front sight. Pictures for everyone to see: Obviously the 7" rail will be better for CQB but my question is how big is too big for CQB? If I go with the 12" will it just be too big and annoying to play with indoors? I haven't had a chance to play much CQB yet and I'd love to hear everyones opinions. If I get a shorter stock for the 12" will that compensate for the longer barrel a bit or will it not be worth it? Again, I won't be using this gun for CQB only, I will most likely be using it for field play as well. Thanks for your time everyone.
  5. So a month after the wrong gun was sent to me, STILL NO REFUND! After the whole ordeal, I finally get my shipping label and the gun was at airsplat for almost a week. I called to see why I haven't been refunded and they said they would check on it. They said give it a day or two and the money will be in my account. Over a week later, still nothing. Finally I called and spoke with Josh. He listened to my whole story and checked on things. He was understanding and easy to talk to. Apprently no refund was issued though..... So I was told again that the money is being refunded as we speak. I'll let everyone know whats going on again. But I try Airsplat for the first time for their "awesome customer service" All I know is that I'm glad Cali isn't within driving distance. <AT>SocialPunisher I agree with you, everyone should form their own opinions but it seems I'm not the first to come across these problems. If anyone wants to talk to me about it feel free to PM me or ask for my phone number I'll gladly tell you the whole story. I'm not making this up but I'm just letting people know the problems I am having with this company and warn them what could happen. I've heard good and bad about airsplat, its great your experience was awesome and you like them. I don't wish this headache on anyone. Its justs my experience was well.... no esta bien.
  6. Well after a week of no one answering the phone/email or putting me in contact with someone that can help me I've decided to not even give airsplat my business. I want to go through my credit card company and ship my gun back to airsplat. I had to miss my game yesterday because no one even told me anything like I could use the gun I have now and send it back. I don't want to risk Airsplat telling me that I can't exchange the gun because I used it. Has anyone done this before? Do I just call Master Card and explain to them my situation and ship my gun back with tracking? Also will I be refunded the 40 dollars of 2nd day shipping which was of no help and use to me because it was the wrong gun. Any help is appreciated.
  7. 440 views already, this can't be good for their business, I'll keep everyone posted on how they handle things....
  8. The most frustrating part is that I cannot speak directly to anyone that can actually handle my case. I am trying to explain I need to use my gun tomorrow so I wanted to talk to someone in charge to see what my options are but I was told the only way to talk to people that can "pull the trigger" on a solution is through email. I was told they would put a note to get back to me quickly about this issue around 3 today. Its now 9 with no response. How can no one in support pick up the phone and fix this major issue. A company screws up and sends me the wrong product, wouldn't that be something extremely important to fix? I don't mean to rant but this just blows me away. Being in sales myself, when I sent away the wrong product, I got ripped by my boss, send what the customer ordered and the customer gets to keep the product I messed up which thankfully they don't take the difference out of my paycheck.
  9. How can people say this customer service is the best? I called on Wed. and explained to someone (I won't name him/her) my situation where I needed my new gun by this weekend and I already had 60 dollars down for me and someone else to play in the game. They took my credit card info and told me they would ship that day with the right gun. I called today to check on things, apprently nothing was done but a reply to an email I sent on Christmas Day (I sent it before I spoke to them on the phone and before things were "taken care of"). The person I spoke to today just said check your email I can't help you. I asked to speak to someone incharge and the answer was "they're busy". Apprently I had to reply to this email even though someone on the phone took my credit card info for another payment for 2nd day shipping and said my gun was being shipped. The email was sent THURSDAY NIGHT. So this means I get to keep the wrong gun you sent me so I can play this weekend and not flush my other 60 dollars on tickets and 40 on 2nd day shipping down the toilet? A lovely 100 dollar mistake from airsplat on a gun I don't even want.
  10. I ordered for the first time from airsplat and they sent me the wrong gun. They are closed for Christmas but does anyone have any experience with what they do when this happens? I'm very disappointed because I paid 40 dollars for 2 day shipping and well when the gift was unwrapped, it wasn't the reaction I expected. Thanks for any input Rob
  11. So for Christmas I had a new bucking and installed it on my E1 M16, I did not touch anything but the hop up and when I reassembled it, the gun fired one shot and the trigger is now locked up. I haven't opened up my gear box but the gun is apart and the trigger is still locked on safe, semi and full. Does anyone have any suggestions of what to look into? Thaks for your help, Merry Christmas Rob ***Edit I looked up so issues of trigger lock and a few searches said the selector switch isn't meshing right. Well I without opening anything else up, the selector doesn't move too well between semi and safe and moves too easy between semi and full. Any more suggestions with how to check this problem?
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