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  1. I have this so far: http://palmer-pursuit.com/cart/airsoft-fem...4p2l84urp3rf2a5 http://palmer-pursuit.com/cart/18-npt-male...p-fit-p-94.html What else do I need? I've found parts list online but they're not all the same as there seem to be different ways to go about it. I want the simplest and cheapest way from where I am now(I already bought the most expensive reg?). This is for a tanaka M700 pre ban. I need to tap the mags put what in the mag? I thought it was that male fitting I just got. That fitting doesnt attach to the hose fitting so I obviously need something else. Anyway, someone please help. After over $200 and waiting for two separate shipments, I'm beginning to get frustrated. :D
  2. Well that's reassuring haha. I'll try that though x2. I was sure it was a bad hop up until I came back and looked at the parts list and it already has the best bucking. Anyone have experience with these king arms .4g bbs? My aegs are way more accurate with .2s at this point.
  3. I bought a used m700 a couple years ago but haven't fielded it. The seller calimed the following upgrades: -PCS bolt with forse nozzle -Best gun metal part 91 chamber block -King arms vsr10 conversion chamber -King arms red bucking -Pdi 6.01mm barrel 430mm(has a shortened barrel) I'm getting back into the sport and wanted to get this thing going so I shot it a little today. It was pretty erratic with KA .4g bbs. I messed with adjusting the hop up but not much change occured. 30 yards was hopeless, when I shot from 10 yards it would be dead on 1 shot, then curving way up and sometimes either direction to the side as well. I don't have my air rig set up yet, this was with propane so I realize there should be some inconsistency. But with those hop up and barrel upgrades, it should not be this bad. If those BBs are god awful it would explain it, but otherwise I'm not sure what else to do past the air regulator. I'm not great at messing around with internals, but something needs to be done. If I could get some ieas it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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