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  1. First one is mine, second is my buddies. For anyone who cares, these were shot with a 5D Mark II, 24-70 lens.
  2. A custom gun (fully built internals and externals) will cost you much more then $400. I would say to buy a nice AEG to begin with, and start replacing internals/externals when they break. You have to ask yourself this, what FPS do you want? What RPS do you want? CQB length or DMR length?
  3. I would recommend the Echo 1 Mini Gun. JK. You have to be more specific in what you want. Long gun, short gun, heavy gun, price, gas or electric, FPS, upgradeable..
  4. ICS G33. G36 style but takes M4 mags (no magwell adapter). Held one at a game today and it felt solid. Little bit on the light sight but you may have a different opinion.
  5. I did. You seemed to neglect my post. Not true. KWA makes Magpul guns as well. They aren't AEG's, but saying G&P makes ALL Magpul guns is not true. Ares/a company like ARES makes the LICENSED Magpul Masada AKM AND ACD version. Not G&P.
  6. I'm not quite sure, but 1-2 BB's aren't THAT bad. Only if your running real caps. If you are worried about BB's that stay in the feeding tube, don't get the Magpul masada. That feeding tube looses ~4BB's every time you change mags, and you can't shoot them out.
  7. Most recent Magpul AEG's are made by ARES, or a ARES-like company. I think you should add that they beautiful externals as well :).
  8. I have got the Modify Steel bushings, and Extremefire Cheetah 2N FET in the mail today :). I will be rewiring the gun, and waiting on the Siegetek spur gear to come back.
  9. With modifications, I like the G&P Sentry. Solid gearbox once worked on, and nice externals. Without modifications, holding the VFC HK417 Sniper Edition feels nice. As an SMG.. I never knew there was a AEG SMG that is full metal.. unless I'm unaware..?
  10. Hello, This is my official build list for advice and writing down tech notes. I decided to write this up as I don't see many build threads on ASF, and see a lot of threads asking for advice for their builds. I ended up with a very good deal for a G&P Sentry (VLTOR model). Externals: Remove the stock & buffer tube, put a G&P M16A2 stock to fit a very large lipo and quality FET Remove the front RIS rail and gas block, replace with a Madbull Dragonfire 16.25 RIS system. Will be using the Madbull rethreader tool to make the G&P threads match the Madbull RIS system threads. Replace the stock barrel with a 14.5" outer. Have a 195mm silencer to attach onto the 14.5" outer barrel. G&P sniper grip Here is a preview: GOAL: 390-410 FPS w/ .2 Effective range of 300 feet Very reliable GB with no headache of gearbox cracking The following stuff have been put into the GB. Modify POM piston head (debating on whether or not to remove the bearings to lose some weight) Lonex red piston Lonex SP120 spring Riot/Seigetek 14.09:1 SSG Ball bearing spring guide Lonex A2 Titan Long motor 70D Sorbo buddy sorbo pad Radiused cylinder window corners Everything else stock. These have been put infront of the gearbox, or behind: Custom made shock transfer system (based off the forums here) 455mm 6.03 Prometheus TBB Prowin Hop chamber for M4 Rhop Modify Baton Ryusoku AEG Flat-Type Hop-Up Rubber Set (Hop rubber has the mould removed, will use the nub to provide tension to the rhop in the Prowin hop chamber) ExtremeFire Cheetah 2N w/ triggermaster software installed (Will be using the configuration Safe-Semi-Burst---Full Auto) 16AWG low resistance wiring And the battery pack to power this: 11.1v 35C 3200mAh lipo. No, I'm not going with a small buffer tube lipo. I want to ensure the motor gets 100% of the power needed (better to over power the motor then under power it as the motor only takes what it needs). Prediction: Will use the Triggermaster software in the FET to program the motor speed down to a reasonable 25-30rps. Prelimary testing with this setup on the G&P M120 stock motor (was going to compare to the Lonex A2) using a 8.4v mini NiMH yielded 25 rps. Proceeding to a 9.6v mini NiMH, 30 rps was acheived. A second burst was applied to check the rps again. I hear a "clank" and the gun stops running. Opening the gearbox, I have stripped some teeth off of the spur gear. Yes, I broke a set of Siegetek gears LOL. No, it was not a bad shim job. Here are the pictures: Contacting the retailer and Danny from Siegetek, I'll be getting replacements mailed to me as soon as they receive the ones I send them. Thoughts on why this could have occured: Lonex piston to heavy Lemon spur gear (most likely) Stock G&P 8mm bearings What I will be doing to prevent it from happening again: Swiss cheese the current Lonex red piston, OR using the SHS vented 14 teeth piston Sand down the shells rails and the guides on the piston to ensure super smooth movement Possibly replace stock bearings with Modify Tempered steel busing. So far after a month of waiting for parts, and putting everything together, this is where I am. I currently am waiting for the replacement gear to come, and most of the externals. Hope you guys enjoyed this writeup! I will be updating this thread when I have made an improvement/get results in.
  11. If your going on a budget, go with an AEG. A brand new AEG (thats around the same price as a BA) will outrange and be more accurate then a regular BA sniper rifle. BA sniper rifles need a lot of parts + love to outreach AEG's. And money. I'm building a TM VSR-10, with the same upgrades that would go into a JG BAR, and the total price is costing me $1500. Canadian prices are a bit different for guns, cause I bought the VSR for $700, and there is going to be $800 worth of parts going into it. Parts are all the same price regardless of where you live. Although if you were DYING to get a sniper rifle, JG BAR's are the best base IMO. Some things to think about.
  12. If you are on the fence with rhop, I would suggest you get the rhop LOL. It is the cheapest way to significantly add range to your gun. With what a couple people said, Riot gears are WORTH IT! I have the 14:09 single sector gears with a A2. I haven't been able to game it yet :). On another note, you should check your compression. If you get varying FPS, that means your shots will be less consistent. There are a lot of DIY mods to increase the compression in your AEG system, but I will let you research this yourself
  13. Hello, I have bought a G&P Sentry, and I am planning on putting the Madbull Dragon Fire 16.25" rail system on it. Problem is, there is mixed reviews whether it will fit on the receiver without any modifications. Some people say yes, some people say no. In this thread here , he is using a G&P body WITH a Dragon fire rail. On the AirsoftGI forums here , the bottom post states that it will NOT fit. I read a post on ASC from Jugglez that Madbull will be releasing a barrel nut with the Dragon Fire rail to fit G&P bodies. My friend has a G&P Magpul MOE, and managed to fit a Madbull VTAC Battle rail on without any modifications. Still not to sure what to believe. Let me know what you guys think
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