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  1. Would this barrel work? http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/star-scar-h-alu...-set-318mm.html
  2. I was looking around for a barrel for the VFC scar H. Would this one work? http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/star-scar-h-alu...-set-318mm.html
  3. Hey guys I was looking around for a barrel extension for the VFC Scar H and I found the Star Scar H one. Any idea if it would work on the VFC? Heres the link: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/star-scar-h-alu...-set-318mm.html
  4. I was looking around and I saw the vfc scar H and I wanted a longer barrel. Do you guys know where to buy the H barrel extension? Ive seen it done before so I know its possible. And by the way does anyone know if the Magpul 20 LR P-Mags fit in the VFC Scar H?
  5. Hey guys I have been doing a ton of research and I have narrowed it down to the Magpul PTS ACR and the VFC Scar L. I found a new version of the ACR called the streamline version, its the same thing as the pricy one but the sights are not included and the pmag is a 75 round mid cap. The price o the streamline ACR is $290 and the Scar L is $380. So which gun should I get??? P.S. I was also looking at the ares MS700 which is a bolt action sniper but railed.
  6. Yeah I looked at that one but its not the exact one on the ACR will this work just as good?
  7. I found the streamline version of the MagPul ACR on EHobby Asia when I was looking around the website. The streamline version is practically the same as the regular version, but the MBUS sights are not included and the magazine it comes with is a lower capacity, other than that its the same but cheaper. Anyways I liked the front sight but I couldn't seem to find it anywhere. Do you know if they sell just the front sight anywhere?
  8. I was looking at the CA SA58 OSW but I don't really like the cqb barrel length. Would I be able to buy a longer barrel for it? I heard that the barrel is 335 mm if that means anything. Could I just use a normal M4 barrel extension? Thanks for the help.
  9. Ok so I would like to buy a VFC scar H over the Scar L because the H looks more badass than the L. But I would like to update the H to the way I would like it to be. I would like a larger outer barrel. I couldnt really find any outer barrels, and if I got an outer barrel would I have to get a inner barrel with it? Could I just get an M4 outer barrel? Im thinking no because the real steel Scar H fires 7.62 NATO and the M4 fires 5.56 NATO. And I know there is a spring that comes with the gun im not sure if its a M110 or M120 but it fires about 400 fps, is the gun capable of that spring? And the mags cost more... And otherwise I would probably get the Scar L because it already has the things I need out of the box. Which one is the better option based on range, pricing etc.? P.S. Can you buy mags like the scar H that can fit the scar L?
  10. Would I have to upgrade the whole gearbox? And I ment where the bbs feed into the gun. Where you put your magazine in, that tube shaped thing. Is that still the hop up unit?
  11. So I ordered a Airsplat mystery box and I got the DBoys RK03 I was pretty happy until I saw where the bbs feed into the gun part is plastic. Should I be worried? Is there a replacement part for that?
  12. As I said I would like the CA EBR VFC Scar H or KA FAL. Which is the better choice considering the bang for your buck, quality and upgrade compatability?
  13. Ok I've narrowed my gun choices down to three guns. First the VFC Scar H. I've heard the scar has bad internals. Next the King Arms FAL. I didn't really like the fps on the gun and I heard its so so quality. Finally on the more expensive side the CA M14 EBR. I heard the wiring is bad and the price is high ( I would probably get it during a sale). I would like the choice to be determined on quality, bang for your buck and upgrade compatability. Thanks.
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