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  1. I'd go with the JG G36 not only because I like the way it looks better, but also because it is a lighter weight, smaller more compact gun, with a higher fps then the AK 47, so you're getting more power, with a smaller more maneuverable gun. Just my two bits. Oh, and also, I'd like t add that JG is a well known reliable brand, and I've never had any issues with them, can't vouch for CYMA though, never used them, but my friend has the CYMA 028 AK47 and he seems to like it. So basically, they're both good guns, it's up to you, but my choice is the G36
  2. Wow, those links are just, wow. And thanks btw, I read as much as I could off that one link before my brain hurt
  3. If one were to use a gun that shot at around 580 fps with .2g bbs, how much fps would it shoot with .40 or .43s?
  4. So I just went to an airsoft war with a sniper, got two kills from about 150ft before a guy rushed me with his AEG and I took it up the butt. I need a good, but *cheap* sidearm, preferably Co2, and non blowback, as I don't care for the realism and waste of the gas, and I have a bunch of co2 canisters from a broken gun. Oh and semi auto of course. I'm a complete Newbie when it comes to gas guns especially pistols, so gimme some recommendations, budget is around 30 as I blew all my funds on upgrading the sniper. Thanks In advance bros.
  5. Lol old forum post here, but anyone tried mad bulls recently? They're the only .36 bbs I can find
  6. Thomask

    Bb choice confusion

    This is the upgrade kit ill be installing: http://www.airsplat.com/Items/AC-UPI-MB02-KIT.htm The description says 490 fps, the video says at least 600 ( in the video it says its the MB03 upgrade kit, but its the same thing as the VSR 10 upgrade kit, I looked it up) AND, it also says that it increases power by 20%, when I did the math, that came out to almost 100 more fps, so I'm ultra confused (the stock fps is 480, so that'd be almost 600fps, which is what the video said). Many thanks airborne101. Personally I think it's going to come out to around the 600 fps mark, which means I'd have to get me some of those expensive .43s
  7. Thomask

    Bb choice confusion

    I read all the pinned topics, as well as multiple outside sources as to which bb to use. I'm using a 480-580 fps sniper, (the big range of fps is because the new spring I installed claims to improve fps to at least 600, but I'm doubtful) and I'm mega confused as to which bb I should be using. I've heard biovals .27, I've heard .30 and I've heard .36, but what would you guys choose? I want to get the most accuracy out of my gun, but don't want to burden it with a too heavy bb, so what would you guys choose, given the erratic fps range?
  8. I was interested in the 6mm paintballs but DIDNT want to ruin my gun, so I picked up a *decent* spring pistol to go along with a can of paintballs. Most of them were horribly deformed, and melted in the sun. The few I picked out that hadn't been deformed shot fine, and made quite a mark on the concrete wall I was shooting at (about 30 feet away from me). Out of the approximately 50 paintballs I shot, 1 exploded in my gun, but I believe this is from a paintball not firing, then the next one chambered slamming into it and popping. Luckily most of the paint went into the mag and barrel, and I was able to disassemble and clean out most of the paint, my soaking the mag in warm water, and running q tips through the barrel. Edit- it should also be noted that the can of paintballs I purchased were the cheapest of the cheap, $0.99 for 500 off an Indian guy who had a table set up at a carnival. I bet if you picked me up off a reputable seller, they wouldn't be nearly as bad as mine.
  9. Based on your guys's help, Ive decided to go with your widely available M4A1, and a cheap sniper to along with it so I can shoot squirrels and chipmunks in my backyard. So thanks all who contributed.
  10. Nice recommendations, but the thing that irks me the most is that their sights are high from the barrel, which makes aiming at distances further then what your gun is sighted for a pain, as itll fly over their head, same thing when theyre closer then the gun is sighted in for, itll go low. I found the King Arms Thompson, it was somewhere around 360-390 fps, with metal gearbox, the only problem I have with it is it has no rails for mounting foregrips, which Im quite fond of, and for mounting a red dot if I ever wanted one. But other then that seemed fine to me, what say you? By the way Ive been rethinking the sniper idea, as I hear snipers are not that effective in airsoft, and most AEGs are pretty accurate and have decent range?
  11. I was talking about the gun, but its a good thing you recommended BBs cause I was going to use .23 with a gun rated at 480 with .20s, but now youre saying .32s! I know that if I want to actually play legit I have to get an expensive AEG with upgrades, and quite frankly I think AEGs are better then bolt actions snipers, but since Im going to only be using it in small skirmishes with my buddies, and I have no experience upgrading guns, I figured, what the heck, we play in the woods, and I know tons of positions I could nail em from, so why not? And I know hobbytron is pretty crappy, it was just the first link that came up with the gun, I was actually going to buy it from somewhere else. So now that everythings cleared up, do you know of any good snipers in the 100-150 dollar range? And also, what do you think of the optics?
  12. , I know what that means, Im glad you spotted that cause I didnt, and I pride myself in reading the fine print too XD And I had been planning on using .23's Can you recommend anything else?
  13. Okay so Im new to the forums, and to airsoft as well (kinda, not really). I know enough that if you want a good gun youre going to have to spend a hundo or two, and I was looking for a new sniper, when I came across this lil beast right here: http://www.hobbytron.com/SpringMB07ABoltAc...AirsoftGun.html I don't think it comes with iron sights, but thats fine as I planned on getting optics for it anyway. So, my question is, what do you guys think, for the price? If you think you know something better show me, Im open to all suggestions. Ooh, also and good optic recommendations? The optics have to be around 50, I know you have to pay big bucks if you want good optics also, but Im taking the cheapo route on this one. At first I was thinking of a traditional rifle scope, but then I realized that theyre pretty hard to aim through quickly, especially when the target is closer to you then youd like, which is why I started to think about ACOG scopes. Theyre generally bigger in diameter and have some zoom, which is fine, because I don't need alot of zoom to hit ranged targets, heck Id be fine with a red dot, but I think ACOG gets the best of both worlds. For the ACOG, I found this guy, which I think is allright: http://www.amazon.com/TA01NSN-Green-Sight-...soft+acog+scope So, whats you guys thinks? Any and all suggestions/advice is welcome on the optics and gun
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