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  1. Thanks guys. So it looks like I'm going (to have to) go with the AK-74 now, I just hope they have the additional accessories (drum mag/bipod) because the accessories' quality there is very doubtable.
  2. I'll keep that in mind too. I'll love it if I can a bipod and a drum barrel. I hope both guns are still on the shelf the next time I go there. Thanks! I am thinking of trying (read:risking) an online purchase. I just recieved our 3 N64 Joysticks, and they look as clean as a whistle.. Thus exciting me to try another online purchase. So now, the pool is clear, what gun (out of all the millions) is suitable for me? And also, what is TM? (sorry if I'm spamming, bumping an answered thread or anything)
  3. Aw man, sorry I messed up earlier in my OP.. It's a CYMA AK-74, not an AK-47. And for some reason, I don't like the AK74. I shot an AK47 before, and I didn't like looking through the iron sights. But it's still a sexy gun, I get very picky over details. I don't think the AK will quite fit my wants as a camper/support, and in addition, modding my gun is also very limited.. Still, I will take your recommendation into thought. Thank you very much. :D Is there anybody who has a recommendation?
  4. refurb = refurbished? As I said earlier, I cannot guarantee getting a gun through our customs. My only definite choices are the ones I have in the list. :( However, I would like your recommendation on any of the above guns mentioned (as they are the ones currently available, and very limited..), and another unrelated gun that you would recommend based on my given info.
  5. Aw, I feel sad having to 'leave' this site early. But can I have your recommendation while you're still here?
  6. Thank you for your suggestion, I will keep it in mind. :) Any other suggestions?
  7. (I hope I'm posting this in the correct forum). Simple and sweet question: Which is the best (doesn't have to be BEST, exceptional quality is okay) airsoft retailer website? I got this question especially after I heard about AirSplat. Many people complain about it, but I don't see why. So I was afraid maybe their handling of the airsoft gun is poor or something.. So now, I would like to know which site has the reputation of high handling quality. (Nevermind prices, that's another thing) Another quality that the website should have is excellent INTERNATIONAL shipping. I live here in the UAE, I don't think airsoft guns can come through our customs, but I'll have a shot at it buying some pistol (no pun intended). Shipping is very important to me. I ordered some N64 Joysticks from eBay, it's about a month and a half and they didn't reach us yet.. And that is making me doubt the reliability of buying stuff online.
  8. From my experience, I can say the paintballs hurt alot when they hit your extremities and exposed parts. I got a shot on the top of my head last Thursday. There is no bruise nor pain now, but damn, it hurt like hell. The same feeling comes when you get shot in your hands or legs (especially the thighs) no matter how far away the shooter is. And the worse part is the ball's exploded casing and the paint itself. Well, I cannot compare this to airsoft yet. But so far, it's painful depending on where it hits.
  9. Well, looks like I'm going to make this thread to add to the myriad of "which gun" threads. A nice start for my first post on this forum, and I'm sorry for that. I was thinking to write up a whole essay about me, but that's just too much. I'll give you a short story about my background so that you know what to recommend for me. I play paintball, but not regularly... I do, however, own my own paintball marker, and am familiarized with the physics and mechanisms behind the way the marker functions. And same goes to airsoft, despite me not playing it before. I am basing all my knowledge of BB ballistics on paintball ballistics... Which is almost not different at all. Where I come from, there is only 2 airsoft fields in the whole country (as far as I know). And the closest one to me is originally a Golf, Shooting, and Paintball club.. But they do have airsoft skirmishes twice a week. In addition to paintball markers, they also sell (but to a limit) airsoft guns. From what I noticed, the quality of the guns are questionable. They might have a good beginner gun, but I am doubtful of the quality for some reason. I have compiled a list of the guns that have attracted my eye: -Dboys SPR Mk12 Mod0. -AK47 CYMA. -Snow Wolf M24 (Olive Drab). -Snow Wolf M99. -Ares G36. -Army Kimber Warrior (Tan). They have more in the list (all AEGs), but they all come from Chinese manufacturers that I haven't heard about, or there is no manufacturer name displayed. I chose the above because I have heard about the reputation of the companies (like Ares and CYMA) that they are decent, good...etc. A disappointing fact is that all accessories are random cheap-looking Chinese-made products (I'm not hating on China, I'm just afraid of taking the risk of buying a prone to destruction gun). I asked if they'll bring in more guns, but they said they'll stop thanks to the millions of CoD kids who buy the guns and shoot random stuff (and probably people). I also asked if they can do requests, but they said they don't do that, they recieve the guns direct from the manufacturer. (The customs are very strict about airsoft guns. If I order online, it might be rejected and shipped back.. But I don't mind taking the risk any time soon.) I think that is enough of my story, time to ask the basic questions as outlined in this thread: BUDGET: Well, as soon as I can get myself a simple job (and my driving license) I have an "unlimited" budget. But until then, I'd say my budget is still "unlimited". I can save up to it, it's not the end of the world. ;) MODEL PREFERENCE: Anything that isn't a stereotypical beginner's gun. I don't want to have 7 guns in my house ranging from Newbie to regular player to elite models. I have a love for the L96. Now you'll jump on me and tell me that a sniper rifle is bad for a beginner, but believe me (please), I can adapt very easily. Much as I've adapted to paintball very rapidly. I also have a love for these models: ~CZ 75 ~Five-seveN (The Tokyo Marui one looks sexy) ~1911 Colt (Be it Kimber, or the original. Hardballer style is okay, but I prefer the ones mentioned before) ~Steyr AUG ~FN FAL ~G3 ~HK21E (I know this is rare) ~AK47 (With accurate accessories like the actual gun) ~L85 ~L86 LSW (This looks rare too, but is equally sexy) WHERE DO YOU PLAY: Field. I'm bad with distance measurement, sorry I cannot help you with how big it is. But I can approximate it is as big as a basketball court or something a tad bigger. And there is a hilly one that is half the size. ROLE: I prefer "camping" ;) I'm too much of a lazy to get up and run. But I don't want this statement to stop me from getting a small gun like a MP5K even though I'm half the field away from combat. Just because I "camp" doesn't mean I MUST have a Machine gun or a Sniper. I might decide to get up and do a blind banzai charge. Unless you have any recommendations (not regarding my role), then it will be a good debate. :) Sorry this is too long. I tried to make it not an essay, but I accidentially ended up making one. :(
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