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  1. Why mark out your eyes and not your whole face? And why on one picture?
  2. PRIMARY G&G GR16 Blow back UTG Red/Green Dot sight with medium riser mount 9.6 V Intellect Butterfly Type Battery Sling 450 Round Magazine (hope to get some 120rd mags soon) SIDARM Umarex HK USP CO2 Pistol 16rd Magazine (holster on vest BDU Standard BDU, M81 Woodland (also soon to change to multicam) BDU Patrol Cap LITE Speed Combat Boots, Altama Black Safety Sunglasses Head scarf/balvaca Load Bearing Eqiupment UTG Tactical Vest Cross Draw Holster:HK USP M4 Mag Pouches: Whatever I need in them for the day Admin Pouch: Note book and Pen, Allen wrench kit, lens cleaner Pistol Mag Pouch one: 120rd Speed loader Pistol Mag Pouch two: Utility Knife Pistol Mag Pouch three: Flashlight Compass/Radio Pouch: 500rd BB container. Hydration Bladder Pouch: Hydration Bladder??
  3. Hello everyone, Can someone please tell me how to rewire my M4 (I have a GR16 Carbine Blowback Plastic) so that I can put my battery on or in my rear teloscopic stock rather than inside the front stock/grip? I wan't to put a quad rail there but my battery won't fit, and I don't want it on the outside of my rail either. Thanks
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