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  1. Great, just finished with my gearbox a few weeks ago, now I have to take it apart again. Will it do any harm to leave it for a bit?
  2. So today I had a get together with a few buddies to play some airsoft (It was 20-25 degrees F in Maine today so Idk if that affect it) and suddenly my started to shoot full-auto in semi. Once this happened I couldn't even get my gun into safety either (Cyma Ak74 is the gun). I got confused at first then after a few minutes it started to shoot in semi again. After this I just thought what the heck, and went with it. Then at the beginning of next game it happened again (It still wouldn't let me into safety), and I just played with it. After a round or two, It started to let me put in safe. So right now safety works, and it just shoots full, and full in semi. Any ideas what the problem is? Thanks for your help.
  3. Keep in mind this is a shot in the dark. Maybe the cutoff lever? If it has to do with semi-auto thats a place to start.
  4. Could you post a few pictures on what this broken part looks like? That would help a lot.
  5. For durability maybe like a metal spring guide, a piston if you wanna spend little more. I have some friends that have had luck with stock trigger contacts so if you wanna replace those go ahead.
  6. Im no expert (So someone correct me if im wrong), if it not feeding good sounds like hop-up or tappet plate problem.
  7. Do your wires, battery, and motor get really hot? Like hot as if you keep your hand there long enough, it might get burned?
  8. v2 or v3 Gearbox? I find the trigger assembly of a v3 to be a HUGE pain. Anyways I have never been into a v2 Gearbox so...
  9. Of Course I have watched your videos I wouldn't have gotten this far without them. Must have not heard the part of the spinning.
  10. The bevel and spur gear have almost no play and the sector has just a tad bit.
  11. I am done shimming, I can get 4-5 revolutions of the gears each time I spin them when my finger. Good or bad?
  12. Wow, I feel kinda stupid. So I took the cage off and tightened up the screws on the GB a bit, and now the cae will fit on. Thanks
  13. Thanks Guys!, I'll probably pick one up in a few weeks
  14. So I shimmed my gears, pretty good I think. And whenever I attempt to put the motor cage in the gearbox it won't sit flush. For one screw to go in the other can't. Is the motor just too high right now (I was messing with it a few weeks ago)? or is it a gear? Thanks
  15. Yea, get a new motor. I hate chinese stock motors, I have had a lot of trouble with those.
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