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  1. Well I finally asked today, and since I waited so long she already had a date. So back to square one.
  2. mine has the newer internals because if you look at the tappet plate its orange. The orange is indicator of APS gearbox. So if yours has that it is the new one. Did yours have a mosfet as well. Mine came with 8.4v 900mah battery. Im prolly gonna get a 7.4v lipo.
  3. Yeah I like those a lot. I though about getting those as well. I love vans for casual/classy occasions.
  4. The nike air pump's are awesome. Those adidas are just regular shoes, they are nice, but nothing special. Also if you were to get the nike air pumps. Yes this would rank you up per say. The pumps are super rare.
  5. No not really there not rare. If you are get the all white ones. If not go for the Air jordan retro 1. Or any jordans for that matter. And then research about nike's theres too many out there. AF1's wouldn't be first choice but if thats what you want go for it.
  6. https://www.google.com/search?q=nike+air+pi...52F%3B900%3B679
  7. SO just a thread for any sneakerheads out there with some cool sneakers. I just got a new pair in, they are Nike Air Pippen 1, these are the Scottie Pippen signature basketball shoes:
  8. Its a manufacturer warranty that I go directly to. I don't have to go through walmart I go through APS. So I assume it will be good. But it doesnt matter it was 90$ and if it breaks I will replace it with better parts.
  9. Yea that sucks I got mine for 89.00$ with a 2yr. warrant for anything that could possibly happen to it.
  10. Trus me it does everything is metal this thing is a tank as far as externals.
  11. So today I was browsing around walmart today. And they had the ignite black ops m4. I was like that's pretty cool. Then I looked at the price tag and it was 80$, because it was in the close out section, its original price was 225$. Also the cheapest I could find online was 170$. After opening the box and checking out the externals and the wiring, to make sure it was ok. I immediately bought it. It is an aps rebrand. Also it came with the APS rhino sights, it is completely metal, it has a mosfet, and it is rear wired. This thing ways at least 15lbs. It came with a battery but it is crap so I am going to buy a 7.4 lipo or a high Mah 9.6v. Anyway I brought it home and it shoots very well. The hop-up works great they are shooting completely straight out to 140-160ft. The only thing is I think I will weaken the spring for cqb. So here is the pictures:
  12. I had this problem as well. You just need new o-rings, also get a ra-tech npas. The npas is very easy to install and increasy consistency,reliability, and efficiency. The other problem is check your magazine shell to see if the piece that holds the internal magazine is broken or if it is loose. This can cause the magazine to sit lower once you put it in the gun allowing gas to escape and not be able to fully power the gun. If this doesn't work then Completely disassemble it, re-lube it and make sure your magazine has good o-rings and is sealed good. With all this done it should work. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  13. Yeah I've seen that. But zero dark thirty was pretty realist I really like that.
  14. Hey thanks man im for sure asking tomorrow. I just gotta kill my nerves and go for it.
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