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  1. I looked at the well mp5k g55 gun. but at $87ish will it last?
  2. thanks for the info I may go with the hera gcc. but I wasn't really hell bent on a pistol, I just thought that would be good. are there any real smg's like mp5 or p90 gas guns for sale? the only smg gas guns I know of is the KRISS (too much money) and MP7/MP9 ( to small imo) thanks for all the help!
  3. I want a smg thats gas blow back. http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=42883 ( its a CAA Roni P226) I know its a pistol/smg but all I really want is something with a stock, kicks hard and under 200. if this is a good gun then what type of mag do I get?
  4. I know you guys are not going to be happy but I have no clue what brand of gun it is. I'm trying to fix it for a friend and he doesn't know either. all I know is it's a P90.
  5. no I tried 2 different battery that were full and the motor spins when its out side of the gearbox and in the gearbox too but when I put the motor and spring in the gearbox at the same time nothing happens
  6. so I open my gearbox and I got everything to work when the spring is not in (gears spin and everything) but when I put the spring back in it doesnt even make a noise. I know im not giving you alot of info but any help would be great.
  7. I was trying to put a m125 spring in my gun. The gears are JG so I've been told that they will work. And the motor I wasn't to sure about but I thought I would try anyways. So I put the spring in a few days ago and when I fired the gun it pulled the spring back but the fuse broke and the spring was never let forward. My question is if I put a 30amp fuse in will that work? my gun was using 20amp.
  8. I'm not going to tell you what to buy or what mods to do, what I'm going to do so tell you what to research R-hop, flat hop, the right barrel length, the best ID (inner diameter), air seal, balance the air volume, the holy grail of building your DMR. good ammo. I've spent about 10-20hr researching about DMRs and I still don't know everything but its a LOT better to find out on your own then for someone just to buy something. because that happened to me someone told me to buy a 650mm barrel and I did and now I have to cut the barrel or sell it because I can't use it in my gun. some will not agree with me but a DMR is about 50% upgrades and mods and 50% skill. if you don't know how to hide in woods or keep on getting to close to the enemy and stuff like that then the DMR will that be that good.
  9. they will work great. thanks.
  10. I know you need .08mm between the bb and barrel and I have a 6.01 barrel (please do not tell be to get a 6.03 barrel I don't have the money for one right now) so is there any 5.93 bbs? all I've seen is 5.95.
  11. I've played in 10 degrees before but I have no limit when it comes to airsoft :]
  12. this gun will be good for you http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=28748 it's a jg t3-k1, starting out will not be a dmr but with about $100 in upgrades and 10-30hrs of tuning it will be a good dmr it has no ris rail but has a bipod built in and for $15 you can add a scope. but if this is your first age just buy a m4. and I own this gun so if you need any help just messages me and if you buy a sniper then you will have to buy about $200 in upgrades.
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