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  1. TYVM for all of your help! I will definitely try to contribute to this community once I start to learn more!
  2. I would be looking at about $175 - $290 (if I spend a little to help my parents) My friends go to an indoor building called EliteOps. Heres a picture:
  3. Im a fan of the GOLGO13 M16 and the M4 EDIT: also apparently the M60E3
  4. Thank you very much for your input! I was thinking the same thing for almost every point you made! In your opinion, which assault rifle would you recommend?
  5. Today is my 15th birthday and I have been bothering my parents for a A&K M249 MK2, though my dad got me a HK UMP (from dicks). First of all, the fact that its from Dicks (and not Airsoft Atlanta, etc) sets off a alarm to me, as its not a dedicated airsoft store. My dad said he has been "asking around" and found that this gun is the best of the best. He said its one of the best guns I can get, and has the exact same stats as the M249. He also said that he heard the M249 jams easily due to the highspeed ROF. He said it is too heavy (claiming it is 20lb+) to comfortably play with all of the "running around". The UMP apparently has metal internals and a few exterior pieces (I would think this is a huge issue, as it would break extremely easily). My dad's solution was to get a warranty. Can someone compare these two guns together, and also with the top gun(s) (in your opinion). I am new to airsoft, so I don't know anything about positions/gameplay, or modding. I had friends recommend the M249. Thank you so much! I don't want to sound ungreatful, I simply want to have an educated choice. My dad said its absolutely fine if I want another gun, I just want to know which one. EDIT: I'd like to add that I have no preference of what position I am in (as of now), but I have a good feeling I will want to be moving around.
  6. I am new to airsoft, though other friends at my highschool are convincing me to get more into it. I am getting one of the guns below. I may be going to get an A&K M249 MK1 or MK2. I want to upgrade the rate of fire to the maximum possible in a reasonable price range. I also want to try to increase the accuracy some time in the future. I want it to be able to spray at least 200ft. Or instead of getting that gun, I could get A&K Full Metal SVD AEG Dragonov, which I would want to increase the rate of fire, and get a much larger magazine. It is already full auto, but I want to make it into a long range spray gun. What do I need to modify and what parts do I need for each of these guns?
  7. I have many friends who are into airsoft, so I want to give it a shot *pun*. I don't know anything about the different classes (positions?), but I assume different gun styles are more beneficial. I am interested in the A&K Full Metal M249 (as recommended by friends), but I'm not sure what style I want. MK1 PARA MK2 Also, I may eventually be interested in a Polar Star mod (I honestly don't know what it is, but it seems like it automatically makes you a badas. Can someone explain the different positions of the typical game, and what this gun would do? Also, what style of this gun should I get, or if not this gun, what gun should I get as a beginner (**I don't want a wallmart piece of crap if I am going in the same group as my friends).
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