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  1. Hi. I'm a 3D CAD designer. I'd like to be able to make a set of 1/35 EoTech 551s, 553s and XPS' as none are available in 1/35 as of yet. Problem is, I don't have any of those in front of me to design and get measurements off of. I'm wondering if anyone who has these optics could work with me to provide basic detail measurements so I could design a set of these. Thanks.
  2. I'll soon be getting a VFC PEQ-15 but it's missing the laser cover. If anyone has a spare I need one.
  3. My $30 Eotech repro has quite a bit of ghosting (as do most cheap China-made repros). Is there a way that I can try to fix or lessen this? I'm fine with opening it up just as long as I know what I'm doing or at least have a good if vague idea of what to do.
  4. Well I was taking a look on Amazon.com for a VFC or Element PEQ-15 but all I found was Matrix and Atairsoft. The Atairsoft goes for between $50-$60. So is this it's own product or a reboxed one of Element, VFC, FMA or G&G? Are there any reviews of this product?
  5. Thanks but that's not whats on my mind right now. Looking more for a working PEQ-15 and a M3x style flashlight.
  6. I'm looking to be getting a PEQ-15 or -16 and a M3x light soon to get closer to completing a Block 1.5 build I have. I won't be buying from online or brick-and-mortar stores as I have not the money for it, but instead I plan on trading for one or both. Now before this starts to sound like a wants ad, it isn't. I'm looking for what you would recommend I go after if it's offered to me. What brands should I stay away from and which should I grab if the opportunity arises? The PEQ I want must be functional with either a laser, a light or both. I'll just say that the item I will be trading IS worth a good replica PEQ and M3X together. Also, on a tangent, would a 552 and BUIS work on a Block 1.5 build? Or is it just the 553/XPS and the KAC flip-up?
  7. Bump. I have an Elite Force 1911 Tac to trade for a functional replica PEQ and a replica M3x light.
  8. Bump. Still looking for various thing-a-mabobs and doo-hickeys.
  9. Still working on it. Trying to make it something close to a SOPMOD Blocks 1.5, give or take a couple realities. :P On it I currently have: -Base gun is an AirsoftMegastore Armory AMR-4A1. No internals have been changed. -unknown brand RIS with AIM sports rail covers -KAC foregrip -random battery bag -Chinese Eotech 552 clone, thinking about changing this to a 553 if I can find one cheap enough. -and an unknown brand LE Stock which I will soon be changing to a crane stock. I will be adding a PEQ box on as well soon, hopefully. I am also in search of a weapons light to add on. I will also be trying to rewire it to the rear when I get a crane stock.
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