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    Flying, US and US Military history, military history, world history (specifically from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day), hockey, boy scouts, firearms and the history of them, watching hockey, playing hockey, eating, LIVING, BREATHING, watching tv, playing on my laptop, being active and learning.

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    AMR-4 Mk1 with 1x ACOG sight (soon to be an EoTech hopefully) Elite Force 1911 Tac.

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Well... I'm not quite sure how to do this, seeing as I don't normally do this often, but here goes: My names Michael and I'm 17 years of age, 18 on 17 October. I'm currently a Life Scout (extremely close to making Eagle Scout) in Boy Scout Troop 601 of Farmingdale, New York. I have rather recently (within the past year) got into airsoft and so far am enjoying it. I like the realism, which has attracted me for a long time, the replicas, and the thought of getting close to owning the real deal without actually owning the real firearm. I'm a junior in high school.


I am a hockey player through and through though. I absolutely love the sport. I play it (well... not right now due to a torn ligament in my hip). I'm a fan of the New York Islanders. RANGERS SUCK!!


I like to build scale models, fly, play hockey, and do other stuff too..

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