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  1. Ok. Thanks. I'll sign up right away. Ok... I'm already registered but I can't view any threads. The only topics I see are the Forum Rules & SOP, the DevSix Notices, and the Basic Quides & FAQs.
  2. I've already checked on DevT6 before but I couldn't find any threads. Is this because I need to be a member?
  3. I actually have, on occasion. And actually I have been get pictures of certain military units from certain countries around the world, SEALs being one of those for the United States. I haven't been able to do this much because of time, or more specifically the lack of it. But its also always helpful to get advice a resources from fellow airsofters, seeing as I can't talk to any active SEALs, aside from the fact that I don't know any...yet. I do know some ESU (SWAT, basically; ESU stands for Emergency Services Unit.) personnel though.
  4. Yeah you got a point. It's nice if someone's "handsome" or "pretty" but its also what's beneath that counts too... Unfortunately, personally, I find that most girls now are pretty much just looks... But thats just what I tend to find in my high school a lot of the time...
  5. I just don't try currently because I have more important things to worry about right now. Like school grades... and my Eagle Project.
  6. Hm... Currently single, but I've gone through one relationship... Currently there's three girls that I do like; one of them that I went to a science summer camp at Brookhaven National Labs with currently dislikes me, one already has a boyfriend (or at least thats what I suspect), and the other is probably oblivious to me but sometimes I think I do get an occasional glance from her... I'm forever alone... :( Same here man, at least the first, second, and fifth parts of that... And I guess the third but for me my girlfriend, the one that I did have, died from meningitis... :'( Seems like a lot of the really cute and pretty girls are just oblivious. Lucky man, very lucky man. Hates Valentines day... Lol. Same here with that... I really do hate Valentines day, I like the candies but I hate the day. Doesn't do me any good.
  7. Hey. I bought a 6094A a few days ago and I've lately been searching for some kits for reference as to what I could do with mine. I'd appreciate it very much if maybe some of you with 6094's could possibly post a picture or two of your 6094 kits. I am not asking for anybody to spoon feed me, even if you get that impression, as I will still be doing my own research into this. I have already done a lot of searching (I've scrolled literally to the last image on Google Images, literally the last image) and I am simply looking for anything else that I can draw inspiration out of. In case anybody is wondering, I bought a TMC 6094a in AOR 1. I also have a triple m4 mag shingle in UCP, which I will be replacing soon with a double m4 mag shingle in AOR 1, a CB first aid and general purpose pouches, both of which I believe are real steel but I don't know the company. Thank you.
  8. I probably will be joining at sometime over the summer... Is the Blacksheep game 18+ only? I think I remember seeing it on the site as being 18+ only...
  9. I know I'm new here and all, but I was searching for a general thread on hockey and I didn't find one. And me, being the really big hockey fan that I am, I'd like to create a thread on it. So just talk hockey here. Don't argue and talk hockey. What are your thoughts on the NHL so far? Favorite team? Favorite player? How's your team doing? Just talk anything about hockey and any hockey leagues, national or international. Does anyone play hockey?
  10. Hey. I'm MikeyBugs. Or just Mike or Michael if you want to be conventional. I joined ASF a bit ago in November 2012. But I never made a post, or made an intro, because I was busy. And now here is my intro. Well, I just got into airsoft around the middle of the summer of 2012. Personally I'm more of a US Military kinda guy. I'm not saying I served in the US Armed Forces, but I AM saying that if I had to choose between a gun used by, say, the Russian Military or a gun used by the US Military, I'd go with the gun, or anything such as gear, tools, and other things, used by the US Military. I am a Boy Scout in Troop 601 out of Farmingdale, New York where I am currently a Life Scout very close to making Eagle. I also love hockey. I play it, I watch it, I come close to living it. I also do some flying on occasion. Currently I own a AMR-4Mk1 and a EF 1911 Tactical. So hopefully I've introduced myself well enough.
  11. I've been looking for some teams too for some time. I've been talking to a guy thats a part of one, his names Knighthawk... I believe I spelled it right... I've been contemplating joing that team. But really... thats the only team (member) I know right now. From any team on the Island.
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