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  1. Got the Eotechs and AFG's, great condition. Thanks for a great transation
  2. My stock brock on my CA G3, need a replacement, anyone have one? Thanks
  3. I believe my guns are NS2, Bought them used but pretty sure. Thanks
  4. Hi All, Looking for the following: Elite Force 1911 CO2 Mags KWA USP Tactical Mags KWA USP Compact Mags KWA MP7 Mags KWA MP9 Mags MP5 Midcap mags M4 Midcap Mags 3x magnifier for red dots RAV systems FAST Helmets in multicam or desert digital lipo batteries, nunchuck stlye 20c or higher Thanks PSYOP
  5. I tried emailing you but message bounced back. Please contact me.
  6. Hi, Your mailbox is full. I am interested in the following: G&G gr16 Classic Army Silencer JBU silencer set ICS stubby supressor Also, will the outer barrel work with G&G CM16 Raider? What brand of inner barrel comes with the G&G hop up? Thanks Jay
  7. Hi All, Just bought 2 G&G CM 16 Raiders for my two sons and want to modify a bit before Christmas. I am looking for the following: 363MM 6.03 internal barrel (don't know if I should change out the hopper) Gear Shims Mock Silencers 150 to 190MM in tan, need 2, -14MM thread 1 tan crane stock 1 tan grip 2 tan forward grips 1 set of tan RIS covers 1 set of Black RIS Covers Let me know what you have. Thanks
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