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  1. Ok. I'll read more about the Glock, Remington 870, and a quck-access gun safe. I'll also look at a small caliber rifle for shooting paper & cans on the range - since I will never go hunting..
  2. thanks again for the posts! I think the problem is solved. I checked and most National Forests allow target shooting in designated areas for firearms - that can be for airsoft to with biodegradable BBs; just need to check with local authorities anyway. Or find a friend with a big yard. If I don't want to drive so far, I can just find an indoor range. Ask for personal firearms & home protection, I'll need to get back later with a new thread on how to STOP an intruder.. Most people seem to be telling me I'll need a range of different firearms for different purposes.
  3. I understand, points taken. That's why I didn't buy a gun yet. But talking is safe enough. Is there any reliable (Safe Action/ Double Action) 22LR pistols suitable for home protection? or don't bother with ANY 22? - even if it lethal ?? (sorry if I'm getting off topic.)
  4. I thought about firearm protection a little and learned about gun basics. A 22LR seems lethal enough even though many will advise to get at least a 9mm. But I agree, the Glock looks way better! (but so does this S&W m&p 15-22p 22lr pistol) For now, I just want to get some time practicing 6mm plinking skills.
  5. I hope to see more examples of what is tolerable. Guessing even if I find a remote campground, I will need to get out of everyone's site and check local park laws & policies. Again, I have no plans to be an unruly or unlawful "BEEP". Also, what is the fine for shooting airsoft in a remote part of a national forest away from any people - assuming someone can see me at any range. (sorry for another dumb question). I will also get an airsoft that looks like a Daisy - rather than some intimidating M4 with an ACOG & Silencer I found this searhing. Not 100% sure if it's accurate: "Where can I use airsoft guns? This varies depending on where you live. There can be city, county, state, and/or country laws surrounding the use of airguns so you need to research this locally. Check with your local Fish & Game, Sherriff, or Police Department. You can usually get info on land usage if you research hunting in your local paper, gun shops, or sporting goods stores. In California, it is legal to use airguns in National Forests, BLM land, or private land outside of city limits with permission. You are NEVER allowed to shoot in National Monuments, State Parks or Beaches, City or County Parks or Beaches! The Rangers are sesitive to our presence and there are many other rules for being on public land. Be sure to research this, first, before you go up there and create an issue. Of course, you must use biodegradable ammo on public land for be fined for littering. NOTE! IT IS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED THAT YOU GO WITH AN EXPERIENCED PERSON WHEN VENTURING INTO PUBLIC LAND. THERE ARE VARIOUS FIREARMS RULES AND ETIQUETTE YOU MUST FOLLOW OR RISK BEING FINED, IMPRISONED, OR BOTH. " http://www.combatenterprises.com/faq.html
  6. Thanks for the posts! I think I'll need to find an old friend that moved to a farm in Nebraska 30 years ago. I'll also look for some cool & frendly guys at the field. If I end up going to the field often, then I may as well get a real gun license.
  7. Ya. This is getting silly. It seems my only option is taking an airsoft pistol to the top of Mt. Whitney where no one can see me. OR Go to an expensive indoor BB gun range. OR Just get a gun license and use a real 22LR at a real gun range. I was hoping to find some remote camping site where no one will care if I shoot rocks with 6mm bio-degradable balls.
  8. Hi all. I want to get an Airsoft gun. The problem is I live in an Appartment (In California). So where can I shoot outside? I searched online and didn't find much. I'm much older than 18, I will keep the orange cap on, not mod the fps, will use bio-degradable bbs, and I will never shoot anyplace near people, animals, or anything delicate. So where can I go just go poppin at tin cans OUTSIDE? I'm not looking for some fancy indoor paintball type place. Laws different for State parks, National Parks, etc? I can just practice inside my appartment with adequate precautions, but I will want to go outside later. In a State as big as California, there must be SOMEPLACE I can go for some SAFE, LEGAL, and DISCREET fun. Any ideas? thanks!
  9. I think I was misunderstood when I said I want something that lasts forever. Yes I'm looking for durable. But more importantly I'm looking for something that CAN be well maintained (cleaned, oiled, etc). Yes all parts to wear out. So if I want a gun that lasts a long time, I'll need a gun that can be completely broken down and have alll parts replacable. As you said, all guns are not equal, so I will want the "core" of the gun to be the strongest part - I think this is the gears and piston. Other things like the springs are simple to replace. (maybe I'm wrong about this part). Again, thanks for the posts!
  10. Ok, so what do you think willl last the longest with proper care and occasional part replacement / modding and still have high performance? The parts should be easy to find. Or what are some common mods that can make the riffle last longer and perform better? Again, I'm willing to pay more for good performance and something not disposible. Actually, the modding seems to matter mode than brands and models.. Thanks for the posts!
  11. Thanks for the posts! lr When I mean last forever, I willl want it possible to do gearbox work, mod, able to clean and repair anything that needs it. This should be possible and not need replacements often with a good brand. From reading your post, VFC looks like the way for me to go. Just want to avoid brands that are disposible or don't perform well.
  12. Hi all. Newbie - so sorry for any stupid questions. I'm an old guy that wished for a .177 pump BB gun when I was a kid. Anyway, I'm looking for a premium all (mostly) metal Sniper, Assult, and pistol. Looking for high fps, accuracy, large magazine size, and can last "forever" with proper care. I also want to use more dense 6mm BBs for target shooting and lightweight plastic "safer" BBs. Also looiking for standard sizes. So I can replace parts, springs, cleaning, upgrade, etc. Some brands I know: AEG, Classic Army, KJW, Well, Hong Kong, KSC, WE, and Tokyo Marui. Don't are much about the style. But I'm guessing a M4A1 with an ACOG 4x scope, G17c, and a m24/CZ 550 long-ish riffle with a 4-9x40 scope for realitivally long range targets - does not need to be bolt-action. Guessing a long barrel doesn't help a air/spring gun. Of course I will learn proper use, care, safety, etc. before using one of these. If all this is too wordy, just suggest a premium Airsoft riffle with high fps, accuracy, large magazine size, and can last "forever" with care. Any ideas? Please point me in the right direction. thanks!
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