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  1. Hey guys, I just got a KWA RM4 and I'm trying to replace the stock barrel with a tightbore but I can't figure out how to get the top receiver off. I've removed the front body pin and pulled the charging handle back but it still seems to be stuck. Anyone have an idea of how to take it off?
  2. I put a few new things in it at the same time as the spring. I added a new sping, nozzle, cylinder, piston, piston head and sorbo. I also checked compression before closing it back up.
  3. I am currently using an m130 g&p spring. I have not done any of the mods however, I've checked the compression and there don't seem to be any leaks in the piston head, cylinder head or the air nozzle. That's why I've pretty much narrowed it down to the hop-up/bucking but I can't seem to find the root of the problem. I'll try the compression mod next time I have the courage to open that thing up. Also, I should add that the cylinder, piston, piston head and nozzle are all aftermarket and brand new with new o-rings and all. The only thing stock is the cylinder head which I've put a new o-ring on. I've also got some sorbo in there but I wouldn't think that would cause this issue.
  4. I have a G&G M14 and I have a question about the hop up. Is there a spring that pushes the hop-up unit to the air nozzle? I ask this because I've got an m130 in my M14 but it's only shooting at about 370fps.
  5. Hmm... interesting. I've adjusted the wiring and the problem seems to have gone away although, now I've got an air leak between the hop-up and the nozzle. I will update once I've made sure the problem has been solved. Thanks Guges and Epiphany Oh boy do I feel dumb. I was too lazy to put the body pins back in the gun so when I shot the gun on semi, the upper receiver would move forward slightly from the vibration therefore, causing an air leak between the hop-up and air nozzle. Thanks again for your help and sorry for wasting your guys' time.
  6. With regards to the hop-up, I currently have the KWA GB in a G&G body with an SHS hop-up so the proprietary KWA nozzle shouldn't be needed, should it? Also, I have an R-hop installed with a KWA bucking, would that suffice? Would it be safe to say that it's not PE or overspin? These are the two issues that are always in the back of my head when upgrading a gun.
  7. Yes, it seems to work fine on SA. Also, when take the GB out of the gun, I can see the piston returning back to its normal position. I've tried two different magazines; KWA midcaps and KA midcaps and the issue still exists. If it's the nozzle, what could I do to solve the problem?
  8. I upgraded my KWA KM4 and now I've run into a problem. On semi auto it shoots straight and hard but on full auto the bbs start to either go 20 feet and drop or simply just roll out of the barrel. The the ROF is about 30RPS or so. At first I thought it was pre-engagement but after opening the gun up, the gears and piston rack seems to be in good shape so really, I'm out of ideas. Also, the piston returns normally on semi so I don't think it's over spin. AOE correction Guarder nozzle Matrix cylinder head M120 spring SHS sector delayer chip 13:1 high speed gears Guarder cylinder (I think) KWA km4 high torque motor SHS aluminum piston head Swiss cheese matrix piston with metal rack 11.1v lipo I'll take whatever help I can get at this point. Thanks in advance.
  9. I am completely aware of silencer laws. And thank you so much for your help.
  10. I've heard about the MK1. Also, the reason for me buying a NBB is because from what I've heard is that they can be suppressed to an extent using a hollow foam silencer because they don't feature the noisy blowback. And foam silencers do have an effect on the sound, they don't exactly "quiet" the gun, but they make them go from "crack" to "thump" in my experience. Thanks for your help
  11. "cheap" as in under $60 and "decent" as in it won't break within a week of normal use, has an fps of at least 350 and doesn't have a lot of issues. This mk23 looks pretty good. Any others you know of?
  12. I am looking for a cheap yet decent non-blowback pistol that I'm looking to hook a silencer up to. Anyone have any suggestions on which are the best?
  13. Nail polish "mod" Ub3r 1337 ninja assassin look
  14. Haha, yes and maybe a ROF upgrade too. I've seen some guys call the hit just by the sound of someone's roaring gun.
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