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  1. How do you carry your MP7? I was considering one for a while, but I'm afraid it would be too bulky and uncomfortable.
  2. I'm interested in picking up a pistol which will probably see a lot of use. Ideally something that's full metal. Any suggestions? I have an HFC M9 but it isn't terribly reliable, and I'm really clueless when it comes to pistols.
  3. You're too late. I bought it for myself a few weeks ago as a Christmas present. Better luck next time, mate! :)
  4. Oh, I know. I'm speaking in terms of the field's rules. A "sniper" must have a weapon that fires under 600fps semi-auto. All other AEGs are 420 or under. The SVD itself is a DMR, but if it's shooting above 420 I must adhere to their sniper rule. I've seriously considered the R-hop, but installation scares me. I'm not sure I could file it down perfectly. I wish I could buy an R-hop pre-fitted for a Prometheus TBB.
  5. So I got a RS SVD (thanks muntjac) that came with a m170 out of the box. Shoots somewhere around 580fps. At the field where I play that's fine for the typical sniper role as long as I don't shoot anyone less than 100 feet away. I was actually talking to someone about downgrading it to around 420fps so I could use it at any range. My buddy told me his Systema MP5 would have equal range and accuracy, but he'd have the advantage since his AEG is so much more maneuverable. I've never skirmished with a DMR before, so I don't know how true his statement was. He told me I should just stick with the 580 FPS so I have the range advantage. I was really hoping to be more of a DM than a sniper. If what he's saying is true I suppose I would rather just have a full auto M4 or something with the SVD as a designated sniper platform for when I feel like hanging back and picking off targets at range. Is he right?
  6. So I'm thinking about giving my old CA G36C to my sister. She's taken an interest in airsoft. Mostly I play outdoors now, so I want to upgrade it so she'll be competitive. I was thinking about getting a suppressor and TBB for her. Problem is I've never tried to extend an AEGs length before, and there isn't a local store nearby for me to actually get a good look at anything, so I'll be ordering it all online. I'm worried about the inner barrel poking out which would be no good. The G36C's current barrel length is 247mm. I saw a suppressor that's 155mm in length. So I'm working with 402mm tops. My concern is that when I remove the flash hider from the G36 I'm actually losing a few mm, so when I attach the suppressor I'll actually have less than 400mm to play with. It's a pain in the behind to mail stuff back and I want to get this right from the getgo. Anyone have a good recommendation for a supressor and barrel length for the G36C so the barrel is just right? I don't want it too short or too long. Should I get a type 1 or type 0 cylinder? Thanks guys. P.S. Don't know what I'd do without your technical expertise. Probably give up airsoft and take up a less complicated hobby, like particle physics.
  7. I'm planning to take on a DM role myself. In fact, as it currently stands my primary shoots too hot for me to use it at less than 100 feet at my field. I'm thinking about downgrading it, or possibly picking up an MP7. Is there a decent pistol-style holster for the MP7? Do you suppose it's a bit too bulky to comfortably wear on the hip while running, crawling, jumping, and all the other things a guy might do in the field?
  8. Honestly, I don't know anything about the King Arms SVD, but I do know that if you look hard enough you can get a used RS SVD for less than that King Arms one.
  9. Gribs

    RS SVD

    Is an r-hop worth considering? I'm probably going to drop a Prometheus tightbore in the SVD after playing with it as is for a while, and I was considering adding an r-hop while I'm at it. I've never used one before, but I've heard they help with accuracy.
  10. Anyone know where I can order some Maruzen SMGs? I googled it but couldn't find any in stock. Any reputable places you know of that carry them? Failing that, what's the next best BB for a RS SVD?
  11. I actually got swayed to pick up the RS SVD. Down the road I might look into a good AK again. There's just something about Russian rifles (and their Chinese knockoffs) that I love. By the way, someone pointed out the Red Alliance as a good place for more info. For some reason whenever I try to enter that site it says "Sorry Guest, you're banned. Grow up." Which is odd since I'd never been there before. Anyone else have a problem like that? Are they just not accepting new members? I didn't see any way to contact an admin, so I'm kind of confused.
  12. I'd like to get a mesh lower face mask to be worn in combination with Bullet Ant goggles. Preferably a mask that won't interfere with looking down the iron sites of a rifle. Right now I'm using a typical paintball style full face mask that fogs up and prevents me from aiming. Any recommendations? I was thinking about getting a Brassguard Bat.
  13. Gribs

    RS SVD

    Hey guys. I'm curious about the RS SVD. It looks like a beautiful gun. I've been searching the forum and Google for information. A lot of what I find is "AMAZING gun, you'll love it!!" That's well and good, but I'm wondering why it's so amazing. Unfortunately, I don't have any viable way of trying before I buy, and it's an awful expensive piece. I have a buddy who just got out of training for the airborne and we're planning to get in a lot of airsoft matches. We've got a 4-man fireteam, and I'd like to cover the designated marksman role. What kind of accuracy can I get out of the Dragunov? Does it need a lot of modification out of the box? The field we're planning to use has a strict 1.5 joule policy.
  14. I have another question for you, mate. I've always been curious about airsoft snipers. I've heard that standard AEGs can get the same range as sniper rifles, but you're also able to fire full auto. Tell you the truth, I would love to take on more of a designated marksman role, but I've always worried that I'd actually be handicapping myself. That SVD is a beauty, and I'd actually take it over the Type 56. How do you fair in games? Is it significantly more accurate than a good fully automatic AEG? Is there a tangible benefit, or do you mainly go with the SVD for the looks, fun? You've got me leaning more toward the SVD now. Especially if I can get superior accuracy out of it.
  15. What makes the RS superior? I found one on Red Wolf airsoft, but it's not much cheaper than a VFC.
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