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  1. I got shot in the belly button with a pistol by this one Asian guy in Multicam at Operation Homeland while I was trying to toss a grenade at him this year I was wearing a combat shirt at the time along with a low profile rig so my torso was exposed. I spent the rest of the time trying to find the guy LOL. If you're that guy and you'r reading this, look me up. That was an awesome shot.
  2. Hey everybody, Has anyone tried using the newer ICS UK1 metal hopup units in their previous generation ICS M4s? The look like they should work, but I'm also wondering if they're any better than then plastic ones. Thanks!
  3. I'd try getting the real deal at Amazon. ACM Magpul stuff is hard to get nowadays in the States anyway, your savings might be offset by the cost of shipping. Good luck!
  4. But why are there two different extensions? What specs are the short ones?
  5. Just stick a buffer tube on it, really. The receiver is HurricanE, but when I tried to stick a buffer tube I had, it wouldn't fit. It certainly wasn't ICS, but I noticed that the indent for the extension was of the shorter variety, which the HurricanE was of the longer one. I have one of those slotted ones for a crane stock that I tested with that worked. Oddly enough the buffer tube descriptions don't say whether it's of the short or long extension. I'm not concerned about the stock fitting over the buffer tube, I'm concerned about the buffer tube attaching to the receiver.
  6. Hey everybody, I'm looking for AEG buffer tubes, and aside from the proprietary ICS, I've noticed there are two different types of AR buffer tubes - one that attaches to a receiver and has the tab stick out about 1", and one with a longer tab that sticks out 2". In short, the buffer tube has a shorter or longer "internal" cavity that fits over that tab on the receiver. Are they specific specs? I'm looking at a Marui-spec, which I believe is longer. As such I'm having a tough time getting one off eBay, because I can't figure out what the internal length is.
  7. It's one of Echo1's more unique items. It shoots a bit hot though, so be prepared to swap the spring outright, but from there it's good to go out of the box. I ran mine with a lower powered spring and madbull 6.03 for a while. The only other thing about it I would change would be to stick in a higher torque motor like a JG blue bell. Here's mine, after I recently converted it to run a Wolverine SMP.
  8. Hey everyone, I'm rebuilding a KAC PDW, and what's missing is the wiring from the gearbox to the battery. I understand that it's front wired, and that the wiring goes from the front of the gearbox through a slot on the left side of the receiver where it meets the foregrip, then out a hole to a PEQ-style battery box. If I recall correctly, there's a connector to link the gearbox and the wiring, but looking at how tight of a space it is in the PDW receiver, and how small a slot, I'm not sure what kind of connector I should get , and where the connectors termininate so that the receiver/nozzle doesn't get in the way of that tight space. If anyone has any diagrams/photos of how that's set up, and what kind of connecters there are, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone, Does anyone have a gen3-style (6-position) SCAR-H VFC stock? If not complete, all I really need is the little rail that mounts on the rear portion of the stock and/or the butt-pad. Thanks!
  10. Hey all, Does anyone know if the black o-rings in a thunder B (the one that goes in the cylinder, between the CO2 cartridge and the striker) can be purchased at a hardware store? I Googled it and I can't seem to find replacements.
  11. I was looking at ordering a URX4 rail. There's also this brand called Iron Airsoft. Has anyone had experience with either of these brands, and whether they're imperial or metric threaded?
  12. Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me if Dytac's URX III RAS units are imperial or metric threaded? I'd like to install one on my ICS M4, but without knowing what the threading is I can't order one until then. On the description of the rail I wanted (http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/dytac-uxr-iii-ras-8-inch-for-tokyo-marui-profile-m31-8-p1-5-1.html#.UxDGO84gxnU), one of the lines says that it's for "Tokyo Marui Profile (M31.8 / P1.5) Series Airsoft Rifle" - I don't know what the M31.8/1.5 number means. Is it some kind of proprietary threading? Thanks!
  13. Hey everyone, Does anyone know how many rounds I can get out of a single full wind-up on one of those 850 round Echo1 Fat magazines? Y'know, the ones based on the Surefire 60-round casket mags. Thanks!
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