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  1. Too much testosterone! Take a cold shower boys! Check out the G&G L96 G96 it's gas if you don't mind that. I do know a lot of people prefer electric when it comes to rifles but be different!
  2. I say Amazon or buy.com because things are cheap BUT never really know if something is truly in stock. Airsplat is kewl because no sales tax which matters A LOT now in CA since it went up. Stupid (mubbles . . . .)
  3. I concur, 3 seconds should do it and if you are having to load more gas to use all the BB's then do 4 seconds
  4. I am afraid of lipo batteries only because of the horror stories I hear with kids that do NOT properly charge them. That aside, from my understanding lipos are used for guns that are high power and demand a lot of energy. If you want a 7.4v lipo you can easily get one at a RC Car hobby shop if you have one in your area.
  5. Use a pistol, hi cap. Wipe that baby out when you are in trouble! I love my 5.1 001 WE
  6. Fellas, I can answer this question :p Too big can happen! On a serious note look at this one http://www.airsplat.com/items/ER-SCG-M4-MK110.htm doesn't come with battery and charger but it's better to get your own anyways cause those cheap ones don't last long
  7. I just don't like the look of the XM8, looks like a raptor lol IDK why but it just does. Comes with two colors and nice accessories but I'm just not into it at all. Each magazine only holds like 50 rounds, meh!
  8. Guns should be sold like a driver license. Take a test, get some practice, here is your gun. Will this stop WHOEVER grabs or steals a gun, nope! But at least it will shut the moms up for now. (not trying to be a )
  9. Have you tried another battery with the gun to make sure its the battery having the problem? Is the battery getting warm when using it on the field? Also try a different charger, might just be simple wear and tear.
  10. "keep it simple stupid" I kid :P I like .20 BIO, I care about animals eating them and I don't want to pick them up. Does take like 6months I think to dissolve.
  11. I say go with Magpul only because to me it has more parts on the market. I care more about "what ifs" when buying things. I don't wanna have to buy a part from some random person in Brazil lol If we are talking about this one http://www.airsplat.com/items/ERM-JM-M4-MOE-T.htm it is lipo ready, not sure if that is something you care about. Seems like people are moving more towards batteries than just simple upgrades. To each their own. Ohh and it seems the HK 416 does come with battery and charger but again depends what you want cause most people buy another battery anyways.
  12. The "honor system" is key. I forgot what company but there is one that is working on laser tag type vest for Airsoft. Major problem is those things are so sensitive that the slightest touch will get you out of them game. Like someone stated before, just shoot more BB's :P
  13. Sounds like a bucking problem. Have you cleaned the barrel? Adjusted the hop-up? Are the BB's feeding properly from the mag? What BB's are you using with the gun? If the gun shooting upside down but not right side up then it's probably the mag. If it makes a shooting noise but nothing comes out and you tilt the barrel down then the BB's come out then probably the bucking. Buying something used is always tricky and if your friend said it was "boneyard" then sh*t probably didn't work right in the first place, may be a fixer-upper. Is it this one? http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ERM-BI-803-BLK.htm Hopefully the images can help with the inter-workings better.
  14. Have you tired contacting the place you bought the gun from? They should be able to help with tech support
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