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  1. NOTE: All sales final/items sold as-is, I'm not responsible for lost/damaged packages if you don't buy insurance, prices are negotiable, make a fair offer and you wont be ignored, payment via PayPal, PM me for faster response. I will consider trading for nice phones capable of being used on MetroPCS, Warhammer 40k items, or other non-airsoft related items. Also looking for a Tablet! In the end, just make an offer on this stuff. Worst I can say is no, thanks. Alright, because of time and money, I'm looking to bow out of Airsoft for right this moment. Hopefully in 3-4 months when I'm graduated and have an actual proper job, I'll be happy to rejoin you fantastic people, but for right now, I need the money. Most of this stuff is in like new condition. So without further ado!~ This I'm not sure I want to sell, I'm leaning towards not, but I'd love to see what kind of offers I could get for it. Since it needs a set price, I'm thinking 250. She needs a little TLC and some parts to finish her, right now the charging handle doesn't fit properly. It's snug and secure in the top, but it doesn't come out easily like it should, could use a new buffer tube, since this one is kinda ugly, and needs specifically a CA Dust Cover. G&P M4 Upgraded with a Madbull PWS Front End, and a PWS Trademarked Black Body, a G&P M4 Buffer Tube, Grip, and Gearbox. Gearbox has been ugpraded with new trigger, XYT Gears. Has the Madbull Ultimate Hop Up and all that in it. Shoots fantastic. Does not include silencer as pictured. Does include: PWS Flash Hider Crappy Iron Sights (Really just a toss in) 4 80 Round PMAG Midcaps 1 120 Round Classic Army Midcap 1 120 Round G&P Midcap Element Flashlight Grip. (Main light doesn't work, assuming it's a wiring issue. Two guide lights work, though. Just used it as a nice grip) Two 7.4 Buffer Tube Lipos, 1300 mAH PWS Wrench to get the Rail off and on properly. Next up is a High Speed Gear, Inc Woosatch-A in CB. Brand new, never seen a field. Comes with 2 Replica Double M4 Tacos in CB, and 2 Replica M4 Tacos in Tan, and a Radio Pouch on the back. Absolutely fantastic vest. I'll probably pick up another in 3-4 months when I get back in. Taking offers for this, please don't low ball me, this is the real HSGI Vest. Thinking 140 OBO, would do 100 without the pouches, 45 dollars for the pouches. Next up, Propper A-Tacs FG Combat Shirt and Pants, both XL-Regular, both brand new, only worn to try and see the fit. 70 Dollars for the pair OBO. These cost me 50 dollars each, and have no wear and tear on them. Please, make me offers. I want this stuff gone.
  2. The 552 is gone! And now I have this to trade in it's place.
  3. Pretty much as the title says. Let me know if your interested in selling or trading your 551/552! I've got an ICS L85 Carbine I'd love to trade for it, or I could work out a deal for my FN2000. PM Me!
  4. Hey guys, thanks for taking a look at my advertisement. I've got a beautiful VFC Scar-H SSR for trade/sale! I don't have many trades on this forum, but I have a good amount on two other forums, and will be happy to give those to you if you are interested in this! Gun comes with everything seen, magazine is a high-cap. Gun is in great condition, there's wearing to the sling mount, and a small knick on the pistol grip's underside. Otherwise the gun is in fantastic condition, shoots great, and will be shimmed and cleaned and all that before being shipped. I'm looking for 320 dollars shipped, or alternatively some nice gear/plate carriers/things of that sort, or unusual or uncommon AEGs, or AEGs of VFC or similar quality! I'm not really interested in lower quality guns unless they come with extras or money! Any questions, feel free to message me, I'm very fast to respond.
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