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  1. I would put a thunder b on the ground. Put my hands up and wait for them to get to me. Then run and let them get blown up.
  2. I actually think they have begun to rebrand classic army sportline models, but im totally sure. Because I saw a thread about game face rebranding classic army.
  3. Ok one day me and some of my team were inside a base called the " ice cream truck ". It was a ice cream truck with a base around it, but it was fairly small. 2 kids walked in one had baseball cleats on. So were down in the base for like 30 min with no action. Everyone was mad, so we got the field director to send people at us. Well 10 min later were in the base and some kid found a tango. So all of a sudden a thunder b lands in the base and evrybody jumps into cover. Except the kid with the cleats. That kid stomped the s%^+ out of that thunder b and his cleats popped it. he disabled it. dude evryone was like wtf, because it didnt explode. It was pretty frickin awesome.
  4. Does anybody know aything on the Intellect VOLT 9.9v LiFe (Lithium Iron) 1150 mAh Nunchuck Type AEG Airsoft Battery - DEANS Connector. I use lipos but have never seen this.
  5. Mostly stealth, its just to fun to get the m14 and sneek through woods until your behind the enemy. Assault is fun but when 80% of the team is being assault, stealth is the way to go, imo.
  6. I use woodland camo, a h-harness with a battle belt. I only carry 6 magazines, 2000 bbs, 2 thunder bs, and a dump pouch. And flakjack goggles.
  7. And besides they cant take away guns that have already been bought. There is like 2 guns per person. So taking away guns from people who have bought them is a fantasy.
  8. does gi actually make their guns or are they just rebranded like evike does.
  9. well because the gun has to be shipped from asia. The company has to make money. The us dollar is weak compared to other forms of money. And besides if somebody tried to make airsoft guns in the us thinking it would save money it wouldnt because we have to pay our workers more than asia were they pay like .50 cents per hour.
  10. Nope, they shouldnt ban high capacity magazines nor guns. Inocent people who want them should be able to have them. I don't think the goverment gets it, if somebody wants a gun for something bad, legal or illegal their probably going to get it no matter the cost. So banning guns isnt going to change anything, except take them away from inocent people who wont do bad things with them.
  11. jg m4 s-sytem its about $165. You can buy the metal one for $230 or something like that. Also both have ris.
  12. vypor, I know you don't want a refurbished gun. But if you find a refurbished jg, with external quality and is tuned can be very good. Also you wouldnt have to buy upgrade parts if you wanted to. Guges is right if you can buy a good refurbished execellent working gun, why not.
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