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  1. Hey all. I currently own a JG AUG A3 and love it even with it's little faults that have reared up. With the advent of Tax season though, I want to buy a new gun and this time I want to spend the extra cash and do it right. I would like to spend $300ish, but will probably wind up doing $400, so we'll say my range is $300-$400. While there is a little CQB area, my group plays mostly in the field, so a high FPS would be better, but not necessary. In fact, 400 FPS is the maximum allowed on any AEG, which was problematic for my AUG, so that's something to consider. I'm not terribly worried about it though, since the guns I'm thinking about are advertised well below that. Speaking of which, what guns did I have in mind? Before I say, keep in mind that I haven't really started to delve into messing around with the innards of the gun when making a suggestion. The first is the L85A2, but which one? I've read around and poked around the forums and I am leaning towards the ICS version. I've seen more reviews for that one, it seems to be readily available, and overalll seems like a very solid gun that delivers performance. The reviews I've seen have been stellar and there are very few if any real complaints about it. If anyone has any overbearing reason to go with something other than ISC, I'm more than willing to listen. My biggest concern, and this is with the L85 in general) is the 19mm rail on it and not really having the money on hand to drop another $100-200 on a SUSAT. Next is the M-Tar 21. At first I was thinking about just grabbing the S&T one, but then I looked into it further and even with the new metal gearbox, I'm not 100% sold on it. That was when I decided to just say screw it and go with the L85, but then I remembered that there was a better Tavor in the same price range, which is the Ares one. Obviously, this would be the one with just the rail and not the scope/laser because that's a $500 kit. Most of the reviews I've seen are for that one, so I'm not sure if they are the same gun sans sights or not, but it looks like a good gun. It's accurate, has a good rate of fire, has a standard 20mm rail (couldn't remember if it was metal or plastic), good battery space, ect. The problem I seem to be having is finding one because everyone seems to be out of stock, though there are a few. Like the L85, it has the quick change spring and takes M4 mags. Now, one thing with this is that I am also planning on getting an UZI at some point (if you can recommend a good one for future reference, that would be great), which gave me the idea of going with an IDF uniform for play. I think that would be neat. Those were the main two, but then I remember there was an FN2000 in that price range as well, but I will honestly say I don't really know much about how well it performs or anything else about it. A quick search lead me to find that it, too, seems hard to come by save for the "hunter" version that comes with a sight mounted to it. Again, I don't know much about them. There was also that new Magpul PTS PDR-C coming out, but again, I don't know much about it other than it looks awesome and unlike the others, doesn't take M4 mags. The problem with wanting something that's bullpup is that there really isn't much out there compared to everything else. Anyway, I'm am open to any and all suggestions. The L85 and the Tavor are what are currently catching my eye, but that's mostly because I've done the most research through them. To also reiterate, my group plays mostly field, though there is a a CQB area in one of the fields. There's a 400 FPS limit with .2s in our group and I'm looking to spend around $300-400. What say you?
  2. Found one on Air Rattle for $150, but don't know about shipping. We'll see how it goes, but my decision search to have been made for me. O got a Christmas coming in the mail tomorrow and it's the Cyber FAMAS. Long story short, I was discussing it with him, I liked the reviews I saw, and he ordered it for me without my knowing. Can't complain there, but now I have two options. I can keep the FAMAS and optimize it,, or I can go through the hassle of returning it and getting something else. Unfortunately, my price options haven't changed too much because now it means on less guilty about putting money towards things I need for my car. Since it was a gift, I don't really want to be that guy and return it, so if it's workable, I'd rather do that. It should be in tomorrow. As for changing my spring, yea, I thought about that and figured it would be that simple. Based on why I've read,, the AUG’s barrel is easy to swap, but I don't know about the spring (keep in mind, I don't know my way around inside yet, but I can find out when the time comes). Regardless, I wanted a second gun anyway as a just on case scenario. Also, thanks a lot for your help thus far.
  3. Alright, so they are the same. Thanks. I do have a JG AUG A3 actually and I love it, but it's a little too powerful for some events, which is why I was looking at this FAMAS. The FPS looked more manageable with .20s. If helps, the rules for this area's AIR soft community cap off at 400 FPS for AEGs and 500 for bolt action. I like Tavors, but I haven't found one for less than $300, let alone less than $200.
  4. Alright then, is the link from Evike a Cybergun or something else? If it's not a Cyber, is it a better buy for the money? As for the modifications, how difficult are they aside from the rarity of FAMAS parts? I will freely admit that I'm green as grass to messing with the internal workings of an AEG, but I need to start somewhere. EDIT for the guy above me: JP is Jing Ping, and you're right. There really aren't many FAMAS weapons out there, which I personally find to be a shame. On that note, there is generally a lack of Bullpup on the market, which is my preferred style. You have AUG, FAMAS, P90, L86, Type 97, Tavor, and F2000 to my knowledge. The first three have the most cost effective options, while the others are made by one or two companies and in the $300-400 range. That's mostly why I asking about these two FAMAS links because if(when) I were to drop $400 on a gun, I want it to be something special, which after doing some homework, I think this L85A2 is what I want.
  5. I really do feel stupid asking this, but I can't tell. I am interested in a FAMAS mainly for aesthetic purposes, but I'd like a gun that isn't terrible. There aren't a lot on the market, and the choice is either the TM one, which is sadly above my price range at the moment (I'd get an L85A2 instead if I had the money. Tax refund? One could hope), and the one made by Cybergun. However, I did stumble upon an anomaly: SoftAir Licensed Nexter FAMAS F1 Foreign Legion Airsoft AEG Bullpup Rifle http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=32598 There is no mention of Cybergun anywhere and it's $20 cheaper than the average $160-$170 ($140 marked down from $150) like the one listed here: http://www.godfatherairsoft.com/Cybergun-F...ifle-p/3045.htm Does anyone know is these are the same guns and Evike just didn't mention Cybergun? I ask mainly because I've read that a lot of people don't like the Cybergun FAMAS, and if there's a better one on the market for the same price then I'd be willing to get it instead. That being said, I have been digging around and found a few videos with people using and liking the Cybergun with the only real complaint being the admittedly abysmal Rate of fire (500-600BPM). What's wrong with it and what could be done to improve upon it?
  6. Any idea on how to fix it? It's in a really bad spot. The only thing I can think of is getting a really thin pair of angled tweezers and attempting to glue it in place, but I'd be afraid of dropping it and getting glue inside the gun. If I were to part it out, how much could I get for it? Everything in the gun works just fine as far as I can tell except for that broken tab and the orange flash hider that everyone replaces anyway. I'd rather try and fix it if I can, but if I can get a decent price, I might just be able to just spend the cash and get a new one instead. A thought I had was potentially just buying the A4, which is cheaper than the A3, but from what I understand it's just the rails that are different and it has all of the same internals. If so, I should be able to just use the new back and the old front, right? Use whatever is left over for parts or something and have the option of rails. EDIT Never mind on the A4. Doesn't seem to be available anywhere.
  7. Sure, here's a few pictures. Where the Mag is inserted: Down the inside of the gun: Two shots of the broken piece:
  8. About a year ago, I bought a a JG AUG A3 and I loved it, though it never got too much use. It was second hand, but everything seemed to be fine with it as the guy never really used it. He needed to get rid of it cause he was going to college or something. As I said, everything looked good and it performed well. It sat for about a year, then I decided to take it out, clean and oil it up, and get ready for a group of friends who are getting into Airsoft. Unfortunately, I was dumb enough to let someone look at it because they seemed competent and they wound up pressing the button in the back while holding it and caused the font of the gun to slide out and landing on the muzzle. The orange cap was crushed and bent and I needed to cut it in half to clear it right, which isn't so bad because I've been meaning to get something a little easier on the eyes anyway. I checked it out and everything seemed fine, but I couldn't be 100% sure because I honestly don't know my way around the internals. After taking it outside and putting some rounds through it, everything felt fine, but it was misfeeding and dry firing way too much. This was solved by holding the mag up, which I then noticed wobbled far more than it had previously. I took the mag out and noticed that something was broken on the inside of the gun and after some searching I found a little black tab that had fallen out. It looks like it was a spacer or something that prevented the mag from moving (not the one in the back that locks it in place). After taking the front of the gun off and looking down the back with a light, I could see that the mag wasn't connecting right, which I can only imagine is what's causing the misfeeding. I have also read that the AUG High Cap mags are notorious for misfeeding, but it wasn't this bad in the past. Now, this was my first AEG, and I'm a beginner to the inner workings of the gun. When I tried to take apart the back end of the gun, I met with enough resistance that I felt like I was going to break it if I used any more force, and the broken section is not really in a place that I can just reach in and set it with some epoxy or something. What should/can I do about this? Any help would be greatly appreciated and I can try to provide pictures if need be.
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