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  1. I second the positive opinion of CYMA AK's. I own a higher end AK105 from them and I know multiple people who use their cheaper AK's and are very happy with them.
  2. I picked up a CYMA ak side rail off of ebay and I can not for the life of me figure out how to fit it onto the mount of my CYMA CM040. Any advise?
  3. The issue that I was running into was that even though I could flank effectively I would still find myself pinned down because there weren't enough people on the field to provide a distraction so that I could get in close. I would always end up in 1v1 situations between me and an AEG user. Might I consider some sort of riot shield?
  4. I was playing a game with a few friends recently, only six of us could make it, and when I switched from my AEG to try out the trishot I recently fixed up I promptly started getting wrecked. We play in a wooded area, but engagement distances are rarely over 100 feet, with lots of trees to hide behind between players. What would you suggest to improve here?
  5. Ok so I've now got two of the three barrels firing. The third simply fails to launch the bb at all, it doesn't even roll out of the barrel, and I have to open the breach and let it roll out of the loading nozzle to clear the barrel. I disassembled it and the nozzle seems to be in tact, so what could the issue be?
  6. So I got this DE Trishot for free and fixed it up but when I fire the bb's just roll out of the barrel with no power. Does anyone know what would cause this?
  7. I can't figure out a way to load a DE Trishot I got for free because the owner thought it was broken. I think I've fixed it but I didn't get any shells with it, so does anyone know how I light load it without shells to test if it works? I wan't to be sure before I buy shells.
  8. I've also just realized that I'm pretty shortsighted in my right eye, and it isn't worth my time to try and relearn how to shoot lefty. Might I be better off just using a laser? Is there some way to aim down a red dot sight with both eyes open? Still need all these questions answered, any help is much appreciated.
  9. Perfect, thank you for the help. Here's another question. When I took the hop up unit off the barrel I ended up with the bucking, the hop up chamber itself, the plastic ring that holds the barrel in the chamber, and a strange little rubber tube about 2mm in length. Any idea what the tube could be and if it's important?
  10. So the flash hider on my CM040D broke and I replaced it with a new one, but now the inner barrel protrudes about an inch from the flash hider so I want to cut it down. I'm planning on using a pipe cutter for this and recrowning with a drill bit. My issue is that I can't seem to get the front assembly off to remove the barrel and cut it. The AK is VFC type takedown and I've removed the trunnion pin and it simply won't budge. Am I missing a step?
  11. I have a CM040 I want to add rails to, and I believe it is a VFC clone, so does that mean that this rail will fit? http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/product/2-GMG-AKQRS
  12. I have a galaxy MP5K with a bunch of mags and I'd throw in some extra cash too.
  13. So all the mags and such for the airsoft I play can be contained in three condor AK closed top pouches, and I also want to use a dump pouch. I want to fit these two things to a belt, but they are both molle pouches. Can I attach them directly to a condor tactical belt, or will they be too lose and flop around? I don't want a battle belt because it seems too bulky and, with suspenders and a duty belt to go with it, ends up costing more than a small molle chest panel. Does anyone have experience with what I'm thinking of rigging up?
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