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  1. Its been said twice now but it is something I would like to heavily emphasize: A callsign is designed by your teammates, for your teammates (or anyone one associates themselves with). In my early years of airsoft I wanted to give myself a cool name that those around me would easily recognize, and while a self appointed title seems like an opportunity to let others know you are a "badass" it isn't necessarily all that effective. I've witnessed players call themselves "Dragon" and "The Operator" (all true encounters) but those names often do not stick with other players immediately. I find that it is imperative for a callsign to be easily recognizable for more effective and efficient communication both on and off the field. I find it difficult to recall a players title when they insist that you call them "The Operator" especially when that might be the only day I see him/her. Alternatively, a name such as "Spike" [A player I filmed for that had foot tall liberty spikes as hair] was much simpler to recall almost immediately because it was relevant to his appearance and character. It is generally makes a significantly stronger impression on another player when one has a simple and recognizable callsign, which is the primary reason it is provided by someone else rather than yourself and what you immediately want to be called. My point is, let others [usually a teammate] provide you with a title or at least if you give it to yourself, make it something easily recognizable for others that reflects something about you.
  2. NGOB, this is a very necessary thread and I highly appreciate your contribution. One of the important issues you bring up [and is rather obvious] is that not all of those that are interested in joining or furthering themselves within the airsoft community are in a position financially stable enough to "buy these items as easily as we would like to". This monetary interference that may be surpassable with the information you have so kindly provided, might not appear this way to all individuals; ergo effectively placing a potential class [or economic status] or age gap upon the members of the community. With the information you have presented in mind, you aid airsoft to be an increasingly inclusive sport and as a result benefiting not only those plunging into the community but also existing members with an increased social variety. I would also like to mention that being able to modify or refurbish used parts around the sport causes one to become much more familiar with the dynamics and complex workings of the utilities involved in "airsoft", advocating for skills that ultimately better the player and the community as a whole. I applaud you NGOB
  3. Not my Red Ryder, I have already shot my eye out, and they cant take anything more from me!
  4. I have found that wearing a full sealed suit such as a chemical suit tends to keep them off of your body pretty well. Just kidding, I do know that there are a series of chemicals that will keep them off of yourself, but I would not douse your gear in them.
  5. I was skeptical to answer this thread earlier, simply because I have seen this problem a number of times but never actually been able to diagnose the exact issue. I will honestly say that I am not positive what the issue is, however I would like to take a guess. I would like to imagine that you have one of two issues: 1. There is an issue with the cut-off lever, but I am not sure what it would be, possibly a poorly molded piece. 2 Or, there is a problem with the selector plate. I have seen situations where the selector plate and the selector switch lever are overlapping or not coming into full contact with one another. Sorry I am unable to give you a definitive answer, however I would suggest you take you AEG to a tech or retailer to get the problem fixed.
  6. I had a neighbor who had almost the exact issue, but with a GBB 1911. Your weapon should be fine for the moment, however I would suggest cleaning it out if there are other threads that say it isn't beneficial.
  7. The description of the gun's features says that it already shoots at 360FPS. However, if you do plan on applying in this upgrade [or according to the description, a downgrade] I can't imagine that this spring would cause any significant extra wear to the internals. I have to ask, where does it say that the gun shoots less than 300?
  8. I went to Ebay to see if I could assist you. If you simply look up "Helmet Rail Clips" the item you are looking for is one of the first that come up.
  9. Within your price range, I would highly suggest a G&P product. They are know for taking upgrades fantastically, while offering high quality bodies. I would personally purchase a G&P Armalite over any other brand within that price range. Assuming you are looking for something similar to the picture you have provided, Evike has some amazing deals on G&P M4 or M16 style AEGs http://www.evike.com/products/37645/ http://www.evike.com/products/42403/ http://www.evike.com/products/39956/ http://www.evike.com/products/42416/ You can always purchase an aftermarket RIS/RAS handguard for an A1 style AEG. Evike often has 20%-off coupon codes that should cover any tax or shipping if you are willing to spend around $50 more, your purchasing range will increase significantly.
  10. The battlefield is constantly changing through greater innovations, this is simply one of the advancements yet to be made and mass produced. This is something I have been looking for, for a while now, thank you for the topic .
  11. Often the purpose of an over-shirt is for arm and shoulder padding, and may not always be necessary to have an abdomen section, as it may trap in unwanted body heat. Underneath, one amy simply wear an something similar to an under-armour shirt with the ability to still wear a vest or plate carrier. However I am not entirely sure why Crye has done this, these are simply my assumptions.
  12. The only retailers I can bring off the top of my head when it comes to "bundles" are Airsplat and Megastore, but I would stay away from both retailers for this case. If you are willing to spend the extra money, Evike has some fantastic deals when it comes to G&P Armalites that you couldn't go wrong with. However if you want multiple weapons, you could try a G&G Raider or G&G Combat Machine AEG for around $150, and a WE tech pistol gas pistol for $90. I would highly recommend a G&G for a beginner for a variety of reasons, but another weapon is a very ambiguous statement, do you want a side arm or another AEG? I would recommend you only purchase a single AEG for a higher price than two lower grade AEGs for around the same $$$. NOTE: The beauty of staying away from "bundles" is your freedom to customize and personalize your loadout to what fits you, as opposed to a "recommended" starter kit from a rip-off retailer.
  13. CYMAa are commonly recommended to individuals with a budget, due to their standard "out-of-the-box" performance/value. CYMAs tend to take upgrades pretty well for the most part. If you can get your hands on a DBoys, this may not be a bad choice either. I have known retailers to organize CYMA with DBoys for convenience. The determining factor in your decision may be your budget, care to share?
  14. In all honesty, one of the features that I would like to see on an airsoft field are buildings or establishments with more than a single story. I am aware that there are many fields that do have this feature, however it is something I have yet to record. This is primarily due to the incredible insurance policies that follow with multiple story buildings. Another feature that I have always been a fan of are solid and stationary buildings, as opposed to large crates thrown onto a field. Vehicles [stationary/immobile] are often a good addition to the field. Kill-houses are often a feature that may change the organization of the games that are played on the field as well. Trenches are also an option. I would like to know what form of terrain you plan on using, as this can be a major predictor of what kind of features are present on a field. Of course, cost is a major factor in creating a field, so certain features bay be difficult to apply until the park has payed for itself.
  15. Speaking of drum/box magazines, I would suggest staying away from auto-feeders. We had an incident in the past, that I was filming in which a player was using a very large magazine such as the ones previously stated. Unfortunately, some auto feeding magazines constantly make noise when they are running. The player with the box magazine gave the position away as well as the position of a few teammates, simply because his magazine had just ran out of BBs but was still attempting to feed ammunition into the gun. Have you ever heard the sound a Hi-Cap mag makes when it runs out of ammo? VEEERRRRT! The sound isn't exactly loud, but it was enough to alert the enemy to their position. Box or drum magazines also tend to weigh the gun down significantly. I had a friend with the same objective as you regarding a support position. He used a Dboys M4 CQB with a box magazine. He simply couldn't use the magazine because his gun was simply too heavy. You can still function as support, but a box or drum magazine can make your loadout that much heavier. This would also be the opposite of what you are going for, is it not?
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