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  1. Anything really interesting? I ordered this gun http://www.amazon.com/UTG-Sport-Airsoft-Sp...1+airsoft+metal You can use metal bb's with it, right? are metal bb's more fun? I only plan on shooting targets indoors.
  2. I honestly feel that airsoft is a good replacement for a real gun. Most of the people buying AR15's are doing it for fantasy reasons.
  3. I'm surprised that there isn't more of this, but it should be possible. Store paintballs maybe in like the stock, and use bolt-action to draw in a new paintball and ready pressure for it to fire.
  4. I'm looking for a spring 1911 basically to shoot around indoors. I'm basically looking for something that is as realistic as possible, with all of the safeties and with a nice metal build. Any suggestions?
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