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  1. I can't seem to be able to find the 6881 anywhere. Is there another name I'm not aware of Is it the RIS??
  2. Sorry for not being clear. I would like to know which of the two you would suggest for outside play. I would like an aeg with a nice ROF and pretty good range. I am not going to be upgrading much now, but later I will. If you could suggest any G36 in the price range please do.
  3. JG G36 series vs. the Umarex Sportline H&K I'm going to be using these weapons for outdoor play. For me FPS isn't everything. Even though the H&K lacks FPS, to my knowledge, it surpasses the JG in fire rate and hop-up. If you have another G36 within the 220 dollar price range please suggest.
  4. Yah thanks, ill probably get my gun tuned by a tech but I'm going to attempt the hop up and barrel change. So basically I can get this little rubber square and put iti. The barrel and it drastically increases range... Not really adding up lol Also is it okay that my mock surpressor is gonna be 80 mm. What would you honestly reccomend? (I do want a mock surpressor) And if you could just clear up a little on the upgrades and how to do them that would be soooo great.
  5. The only thing is that I don't think that I'm experienced enough to tune my, gearbox. Unless, doing so isn't that hard or risky, is it truly necessary? I could install a tightbore barrel. Would a 247mm barrel + 80mm silencer be okay. Since my gun probably (according to chart) has a 3 cylinder would adding a longer barrel help anymore? Also, if you could give me a link to an r-hop unit that would be great.
  6. I have the g&g mp5a4 (non-blowback) and would like to upgrade it to where it can be effective at an outdoor field. They are made for cqb and made a mistake will choosing an aeg and purchased it. Now I have 120$ leftover and need to make the upgrades to increase the effectiveness in an outdoor situation. I want it too look cool (attachments) but be accurate and have enough range to hit someone at a bit of a distance. Also, I cannot find a place to adjust hop-up on my gun and need to urgently. Please if anyone could give me some upgrade suggestions and links to upgrades and attachments. I definitely would like a longer inner barrel and a mock surpressor to cover it. Thanks
  7. I have finally decided what aeg I am most likely going to get.. I've narrowed it down to either the standard Kwa m4 or the KWA m4 cqr mod 1 (the full size one) What I would like to know is if their is any difference internally between the two and if the metal body of the standard m4 is that worth the large price jump. (185-300$) Also are both lipo ready and what do you think of each gun overall for a 2.5 acre woodland field. I will be slowly adding upgrades and accessories. ( foregrip, barrel extension) also do tan attachments look good on an all black gun? Thanks alot
  8. Im selling the gun for 130 to my brother so now I have 280$. What is a nice aeg that wouldnt need much upgrades that I could purchase? I like m4 and was looking at the g&g m4 patriot? Despite its size do you think I should buy it? Otherwise please suggest a nice gun I could get? I would like an m4 and if you could maybe in tan. Otherwise make. Your suggestions. Please suggest aegs that don't require much upgrades because I am not experienced in that deparment
  9. I play at a outdoor woodland 2.5 acre field. I may have enough money to purchase a new primary. For this type field would a g&g m4 patriot be a better option then my current mp5?
  10. I just spent about $300 on some nice gear and now have a choice to make... I need to know if I should get a gbb pistol and cut down funds on a higher quality aeg, or pay my money to buy a nice airsoft gun between 250-290 $. I have been looking at KWA m4's and jg g36c. I'd like RIS but I'm still okay without them. I also like Ak-47's :-) anyway so do you think that a gbb and current gun (g&g mp5) would be better then just spending the 290$ on a high performance aeg. Also, I would love links to where I could find your guN suggestions... Thanks and also. Do you think that having a secondary is 100% practical on the field. Thx again
  11. Yeah I saw the WE it is not for me. Am I gonna have to do a lot of upgrading on the JG??
  12. Which model do you have... Is it the same with the 6688 which is the one with crane stock and m4 mags/RIS rails. I might stick with it I just love it now that I have some reassurance.
  13. I have been looking at the JG G36K 6688 for a while now and I am just not exactly set on it. I feel like with JG I am going to have to do lots of upgrades which I'm just not ready for. I want a good reliable aeg under 215$+attachments\upgrades. I really like the G36 series looks but I'm willing to settle for anything except for an ak-47 (maybe an m4) If you can give me a good reason to settle with the JG I will because it suits me well. I don't want an mp5 as I already have one. Something with good accuracy and rail space would be great. That's why I settled with the g36k with RIS.
  14. Well I play field... 3 acres of field, mostly ctf I may go with the g36c just because I'm I'm short and I want to be able to maneuver easier and I kind of think that the G36K would be more of a suppression fire weapon. Is it!? Does the C have any side rails? Also what kind of upgrades can I do and how do I do them? If they are too much for a newbie just let me know I can always do it later.. What would you pick? Also what are some high quality g36 hicap brands? Do you think either one would have better performance w/o upgrades? Thank you all
  15. I'm probably gonna go with the hi-capa just because later on when I learn more about airsoft (I am a Newbie lol) I can increase the weapons performance in the future. But I am really stuck on those G36 choices becasue I love so many of the models. Do you think I should go with the G36c or the G36K with m4 rails and stocks? And how many midcaps should I carry on both the pistol and the G36? And should I carry extra co2/green gas? Also whats the difference between KWJ Hi-Capa Co2 edition and the Green Gas one? Will the hi capa fit in a standard holster? Thxx and also even tho te G36c is more compact does will it suffice on medium to long range engagements? What about rail space for lasers and tac liights? Thts the main reason I might go 4 the g3K?
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